Are aluminum car haulers worth it?

Not only did aluminum resist rust and corrosion, it was also lighter and therefore easier to pull. Trailer owners reporting better gas mileage when hauling an aluminum trailer only added to its popularity. All-aluminum trailers tend to be more expensive than steel trailers, however.

How much does a 16 car hauler weight?

Economy Tandem Axle Car Hauler

Standard Sizes G.V.W.R. Rating Trailer Weight
14′ 6,000# 1,620#
16′ 6,000# 1,710#
18′ 6,000# 1,800#

How much does a 16 foot aluminum trailer weigh?

8.5 x 16 Enclosed Aluminum Trailer Quick Stats: Weight Empty: 2,800 pounds. Exterior Height: 96” Payload Capacity: 4,200 to 11,200 pounds.

Are aluminum cargo trailers worth the money?

Compared to regular steel, aluminum is much more corrosion resistant. Resale: Aluminum trailers tend to be more expensive up-front than steel trailers. However, because they resist rust, are easier to maintain, and last longer, they not only cost less in maintenance, but they tend to keep their value for higher resale.

How wide is a 16 ft car hauler?

Additional information

Brand Big Tex
Width 7′
Length 16′
Load Capacity 4,200
GVWR 6,000

Is an aluminum trailer worth it?

Aluminum is also a great choice because of its lack of repetitive maintenance. Aluminum has a great resistance to rust. If you are using your trailer throughout the year, you may worry about rust, corrosion, mold etc. They require almost no maintenance and are built to last for years!

Are aluminum trailers worth it?

Yes, aluminium utility trailers are worth the money. They are perfect for both personal use and business use. Lightness thanks to the aluminum and also stability, solidity, quality are the key words of these utility trailers.