Are Apple ID accounts free?

Tap Create a Free Apple ID. Select your birthday and enter your name. Tap Next. Tap “Use your current email address”, or tap “Get a free iCloud email address.”

Does Apple support charge a fee?

How much complimentary support do I get? Most Apple software and hardware products include unlimited complimentary support incidents within the first 90 days of product ownership, or longer if required by applicable law. Apple Watch Edition comes with 2 years of complimentary support.

How much is the Apple ID subscription?

Cancel anytime. Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices. $4.99/mo.

How much does AppleCare cost in India?

The AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased only within 12 months of the original purchase date of your Mac….Additional information.

AppleCare Protection Plan Price
Mac Pro ₹24,900
Mac mini ₹6,500
MacBook Pro ₹24,900
MacBook / MacBook Air / 13″ MacBook Pro ₹17,900

How do I get a free Apple ID?

How to Get a Free Apple ID

  1. Go to the My Apple ID page on the Apple website (link in Resources).
  2. Fill in the email address you want to use as your ID.
  3. Click the “Security Question” drop-down list and select a question for the website to ask if you forget your password.

Does Apple charge for software problems?

Answer: A: All genius appointments are free. They will test & tell you what’s wrong with your system & quote a price to fix, if hardware. Software, they will fix for free.

How can I see my Apple charges?

Go to Sign in with your Apple ID and password. A list of your recent purchases appears. If you’re not sure what you were charged for but you know the amount of the charge, search for the amount.

Can I buy AppleCare in India?

You can buy AppleCare+ in India, but only if the phone was purchased in India. You cannot get it for a phone purchased in the US. Apple doesn’t sell AppleCare+ in India, but only AppleCare. They don’t offer an extended warranty for iPhones at all in the Philippines.