Are brown diamonds real?

Brown diamonds are diamonds found in nature with a brown color as a result of the compound structure. However, since this is such a rare occurrence, some individuals attempt to achieve the brown hue by enhancing a natural colorless diamond, thus giving it a brown color.

Are brown diamonds worth anything?

A 1 carat brown diamond starts from approximately $2,500 and an F VS2 costs approximately $4,000. While you probably don’t have what to do with two rings, having an extra $1,500 in the bank account is always welcomed.

How can you tell if a chocolate diamond is real?

If you want a genuine chocolate diamond it will need to be purchased from Le Vian. On mine producer Rio Tinto’s C1-C7 brown diamond color scale, a stone must be at least C4 to qualify as chocolate color. They also need to be at least SI clarity grade.

Are there really Chocolate Diamonds?

Short and simple, Chocolate Diamonds® is just a fancy name and branding package for what is commonly known, industry-wide, as brown diamonds. They are by far the most common occurring diamonds in nature. There are literally tons upon tons of brown diamonds found and mined every year.

Are brown diamonds more expensive than white?

Fancy color diamonds come in a palette of shades, from the more common browns and yellows, to the highly rare pinks, blues, greens and even reds, which – due to their rarity – are more expensive than white diamonds. The more common fancy colors, such as yellow and brown, tend to be less valuable.

Can brown diamonds turn clear?

The HPHT process can turn some brownish diamonds colorless or transform these brownish stones into other colors like yellow, greenish yellow or green. This process is also associated with pink, blue, and orange-yellow diamonds. HPHT is considered a permanent process.

What do brown diamonds look like?

Brown diamonds with a yellow hue are the most common and will be the most affordable. Orange-tinted brown diamonds are rarer and more expensive. And pink-tinted brown diamonds are the rarest and most expensive of all. Compare these two brown diamonds from Blue Nile.

What is a brown diamond called?

Cognac diamonds
Cognac diamonds are also brown diamonds. However, unlike champagne diamonds that has a touch of yellow in them, cognac diamonds are considered darker and deeper browns and come with a deep orange hue in them.

Are Chocolate Diamonds worth the money?

How valuable are chocolate diamonds? Of all the colored diamonds, chocolate diamonds are some of the least valuable. This low value is due to many chocolate diamonds being opaque in color with very little shine.

What are brown diamonds made of?

Artificial chocolate diamonds, like the artificial diamonds of other colors, are manmade in a lab. Although the look of these diamonds makes them appear brown, they are actually white diamonds that have been treated with heat in order to change the color to brown.