Are fly maggots good for compost?

EUGENE – Most people shudder when they see maggots in their bin composter or compost pile. Don’t be grossed out – they won’t hurt you. In fact, these larvae play a role in breaking down and recycling nutrients back into the soil.

How do you get rid of soldier fly larvae in compost?

How to Get Rid of the Maggots in Compost

  1. Add less greens and more browns.
  2. Add some lime to your compost.
  3. Don’t let the BSF into your bin.

Are black soldier flies good compost?

Composting with Black Soldier Flies is way more efficient than many other methods of composting because you can feed them ALL kinds of biodegradable matter and they are super fast and efficient.

Why is my compost full of maggots?

The only way you can get maggots in your compost is if an adult BSF lays eggs. So while compost needs good airflow, that doesn’t mean that you need to provide huge holes for the flies to enter and exit from. Covering the air holes with a mesh screen is often enough to stop more eggs from being laid.

How long do maggots live in compost?

two days
The adults typically emerge, mate with one another, and ultimately perish all in the span of two days. The female Black Soldier Fly typically seeks out nitrogen-rich materials, such as a compost pile, to feed and lay their eggs.

How do I get rid of BSF larvae?

The larvae themselves are harmless and can be picked up by hand, or with a tissue, and discarded. Adult soldier flies can be killed with a fly swatter. If flies become numerous, an aerosol insect spray containing pyrethrins will kill most adults.

Do black soldier flies eat manure?

They used to be considered pests. Some of the first scientific papers published on them looked at why we found so many in pit latrines and on animal farms. Black soldier fly eat manure, human or otherwise.

Are black soldier flies beneficial?

They are one of the most beneficial flies in existence and are considered non-pests. The adult black soldier fly does not have mouthparts and does not feed upon waste. They do not bite, and as only the larva feed, are not associated with transmitting any diseases.

How do you get rid of black soldier fly larvae in worm bin?

Although they seem ‘yucky’, Black Soldier Fly larvae can actually play an important role in breaking down organic matter. They aren’t harmful, but to reduce their numbers, “tune” your compost by adding more brown materials, and in your worm bin, bury food scraps under 4” of bedding.