Are girls allowed in IMA Dehradun?

Depending on entry criteria married or unmarried male candidates are allowed to voluntarily apply for the course. Lady Cadets are not inducted into the Indian Army through IMA, though there has been talk of the same. IMA has a sanctioned capacity of 1,650.

Can we go inside IMA Dehradun?

6 answers. Condition one : IMA personnel (cadet or staff) . Condition 2 – May go with any Indian Army, Navy, Airforce with valid ID . Condition 3: with valid permission letter from CO IMA.

What happens after passing from IMA?

After passing out you will get 21 days of post commissioning leave. You will report to your assigned regimental centre for orientation course for about 2 weeks. On completion of course you will report to your unit straight away.

Do IMA cadets get holidays?

Yes, NDA cadets get holidays and same applies for OTA and IMA cadets. A Sunday, like in IMA or OTA, is nothing less than a holiday for a cadet.

Can Army officer become IAS?

Defence personnel cannot take the UPSC Civil Services Exam while in service. However, a short service commissioned (SSC) officer in the army can take the exam if he has less than two years of service left and satisfies all the other eligibility conditions of the UPSC CSE.

Why girls Cannot apply for IMA?

Unfortunately in IMA only Gentlemen Cadets are trained to join Indian army under Permanent commission. For becoming Lady cadets you can join OTA Chennai. Yes now you can apply for IMA because now females can apply for nda and the nda and the army traning are complete only in indian military academy.

Can I leave IMA?

Except for leave on medical grounds, no other kind of leave or absence during the period of training will be granted. Leave for wedding ceremonies and funerals is permissible only in case of blood relatives and exceptional cases. No leave is permitted for any kind of festivals or similar events/occasions.

Is swimming necessary to join Indian Army?

Basics of Swimming: Swimming is something you must consider if you going to join any military training academy. If you no experience in swimming you might have a tough time at the academy. However, nonswimmers will be taught swimming at the IMA.

Is Mobile allowed in IMA?

Hi Hemendra! mobile phones are allowed in Indian Military Academy , Dehradun (IMA) but during the free periods. You will not be allowed to use them during classes. Also, the scheduled is that much packed that you will not get much time to use mobile phones.

Is laptop allowed in IMA?

Gentleman Cadets are currently banned from using personal laptops, notebooks or tablets. The Indian Military Academy (IMA) has never been generous with providing IT freedom to its Gentlemen Cadets (GCs).