Are Golden Books worth anything?

Little Golden Books’ value ranges from $1 to $25 Mint- condition first editions of the series that was originally published in 1942 bring the highest prices. I’ve started collecting Little Golden Books that I read as a child. Many of them seem too new to be original.

Are Golden Books still published?

Ownership and control of the series have changed several times since; today, Penguin Random House is its current publisher. Despite the changes of detail that occurred over the years, the Little Golden Books maintains a distinctive appearance.

Who owns Golden press?

Directors of Golden Press Private Limited are Kanne Boyina Chaitanya, Chanukya Yadav Kanneboyina, Sudhakar Kanneboyina and Prabhakar Kanneboyina. Golden Press Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U22110TG1995PTC022050 and its registration number is 22050.

What little golden book is worth the most money?

15 Most Expensive Little Golden Books

No. Little Golden Book Title Year
1. Just Imagine: A Book of Fairyland Rhymes 1990
2. Tales from Walt Disney 1974
3. Pain D’Epice Pat A Cake 1948
4. Tammy 1963

How many Golden books have been published?

It proved an auspicious amalgam: at the imprint’s three-quarter-century mark, more than 1,400 Little Golden Books have been published, sales have topped two billion copies, and eight-million-plus books are sold annually.

How many golden books are there?

What were the 12 original Little Golden Books?

The first 12 books released were: Three Little Kittens, Bedtime Stories, The Alphabet A-Z, Mother Goose, Prayers for Children, The Little Red Hen, Nursery Songs, The Poky Little Puppy, The Golden Book of Fairy Tales, Baby’s Book, The Animals of Farmer Jones and This Little Piggy.

When did Golden Books start?

October 1942
Launched in October 1942, Little Golden Books defied the traditional model of children’s book publishing with its 25¢ price point, availability in chain and department stores, vivid cover and interior art, uniform trim size, and eye-catching gold spine.

Is Western publishing company still in business?

After being sold several times, Western Publishing ceased operations in 2001. Penguin Random House now publishes the titles.

What was the very first Golden book?

The first Little Golden Books were published in September 1942 with memorable titles such as “Three Little Kittens,” “The Little Red Hen” and “The Alphabet from A to Z.”