Are Le Château shoes good quality?

Le chateau sells overly trendy, shiny, poor quality merchandise. I have very small feet and needed a pair of shoes for a Christmas party. I shopped at the last minute and le Chateau was the only place that had some size five heels. I tried them on quickly and they seemed fine so i bought them.

Is Le Château store coming back?

Canadian retailer Le Chateau is making its brick-and-mortar store comeback. The clothing brand says its latest collection is now online and will be available in 37 Suzy Shier locations across the country later this month.

Did Suzy buy Le Chateau?

Le Château filed for creditor protection in 2020, joining the ranks of dozens of big-name retailers that buckled under the weight of pandemic restrictions. Suzy’s Inc. — the company behind women’s clothing brand Suzy Shier — stepped in to buy Le Chateau’s intellectual property.

Is Suzy Shier and Le Chateau the same?

In July 2021, Suzy’s Inc acquired Le Chateau, the iconic Canadian legacy brand. Suzy’s Inc. saw a great opportunity this season to offer Suzy customers a complimentary collection to its daywear, workwear and weekend wear with a limited capsule collection of dazzling Le Chateau dresses.

Does Le Chateau still exist?

Le Chateau is officially back in business, but things might look a little different this time around. “Iconic Canadian legacy brand Le Château is excited to announce that they are back and more fabulous than ever!” said a press release from Tuesday, November 16.

Who owned Le Chateau?

While Le Château is publicly traded, the company is tightly held with 67% of shares owned by Silverstone, the company’s board, executives and two institutional investors. In addition, the shares have less than 2% of voting rights. The current CEO is Segal’s wife, Jane Segal.

Who bought out Le Chateau?

Suzy’s Inc.
The 60-year-old, Montreal-based clothing company filed for creditor protection in October 2020. Its brand and assets went up for sale in March of this year, and were bought by Suzy’s Inc., the company behind Suzy Shier, in June.