Are lists in C# ordered?

The List<> class does guarantee ordering – things will be retained in the list in the order you add them, including duplicates, unless you explicitly sort the list. According to MSDN: List “Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index.”

How do you sort items in C#?

Sort() Method Set -1. List. Sort() Method is used to sort the elements or a portion of the elements in the List using either the specified or default IComparer implementation or a provided Comparison delegate to compare list elements.

How do you add to a list in C#?

The following code snippet creates a List and adds items to it by using the Add method.

  1. // Create a list.
  2. List AuthorList = new List();
  3. // Add items using Add method.
  4. AuthorList.Add(“Mahesh Chand”);
  5. AuthorList.Add(“Praveen Kumar”);
  6. AuthorList.Add(“Raj Kumar”);
  7. AuthorList.Add(“Nipun Tomar”);

Do lists retain order?

List Vs Set. 1) List is an ordered collection it maintains the insertion order, which means upon displaying the list content it will display the elements in the same order in which they got inserted into the list. Set is an unordered collection, it doesn’t maintain any order.

How do you maintain a list order?

To make the list have a sorted order you need to manually keep it sorted; either by manually inserting elements at the right place, or by calling Collections. sort after each insertion.

How insertion order is maintained in list?

If we want to maintain the insertion order of the elements, we are supposed to use LinkedHashSet. LinkedHashSet maintains the order in which the elements are inserted.

Are strings ordered?

To put items in order, there must be a way to compare two items. With strings, the usual order is Lexicographic Order. This is dictionary order, except that all the uppercase letters preceed all the lowercase letters.