Are male ENFJs rare?

ENFJ is one of the less common types in the population, especially for men. Among men, ENFJ is the second rarest type. ENFJs make up: 3% of the general population.

What are ENFJ males like?

ENFJs males are often extremely flirty individuals, who enjoy being social and playful with others. This is something that is often misunderstood, since ENFJs don’t actually want flighty relationships. They simply enjoy being playful and flirting with others, this is because they are friendly people.

Who is a famous ENFJ?

Barack Obama is genuine, understanding, and passionate. Many believe that he is an ENFJ. Matthew McConaughey is fun and has great social skills, lending him to the ENFJ personality type. Other famous men who are ENFJs include Morgan Freeman, Michael Moore, and Ben Stiller.

Who is the best partner for ENFJ?

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, ENFJ’s natural partner is the INFP, or the ISFP. ENFJ’s dominant function of Extraverted Feeling is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Introverted Feeling.

Why are ENFJs so popular?

ENFJs are naturally well-liked people, since they have a charisma and friendliness that draws people in. ENFJs enjoy being popular, simply because it is important that people perceive them as kind and fun. They enjoy being around loved ones and are always eager to make new friends.

What do ENFJ males find attractive?

ENFJs are often immensely attracted to talent in all forms, no matter what the talent is. Someone who has some sort of impressive skill is likely to be very appealing to the ENFJ. They are excited to see the talent in others, especially when it is something they might not have expected.

What attracts an ENFJ male?

Ultimately, the ENFJ personality type will be attracted to someone who wants a long-term relationship, sets goals for themself, and appreciates the ENFJ’s efforts in the relationship.