Are Santander bikes still available?

London’s public bike-sharing scheme, Santander Cycles, is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Santander Cycles has 800 docking stations and 12,000 bikes in circulation across London to help you get around quickly and easily.

How much did Santander pay for the bikes?

Announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson, Santander beat Coca-Cola in the new deal which is believed to be worth about £7m a year. More than 11,500 of the Santander Cycles and 740 docking stations will be installed across London in April. Last year, more than 10 million journeys were made.

Can I take a Santander bike home?

Santander Cycles is designed for short-term hire, but you can keep the bike as long as you need it. Just remember, your account will continue to be charged until you return it to an official Santander Cycles docking station.

Where can I leave my Santander bike?

Type in your location or click on the markers on the map to find out where your nearest Santander Cycles docking station is.

  • Broughton – Watercress Way.
  • Coffee Hall.
  • Conniburrow.
  • Emerson Valley – Clock Tower.
  • Furzton – Blackmore Gate.
  • Furzton – Dulverton Drive.
  • MK Academy – Rainbow Drive.
  • Neath Hill – Tower Cres.

Are Santander bikes tracked?

We continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police Service to tackle bike theft and will do all we can to help ensure the risk of crime doesn’t deter people from cycling. “We’d like to remind the public that we’re using GPS-tracking on our Santander Cycles scheme and stolen bikes will be retrieved.

What type of bikes are Santander bikes?

The bicycles are utility bicycles with a step-through frame. The cycles are not provided with locks (unlike the Vélib’ scheme in Paris). The one-piece aluminium frame and handlebars conceal cables and fasteners in an effort to protect them from vandalism, damage and inclement weather.

What do I do if my Santander bike is stolen?

If your cycle is lost or stolen, call the Contact Centre on 0343 222 6666*. We’re open every day of the year. You should always put your personal safety first. If the cycle is taken from you by force, call the police.