Are Studd helmets good?

We have to give it 10/10 for being one of the most stylish helmets there is and which has a ISI certification. The graphics look high quality and so is the tinted (mirror finish in Studds’ speak) visor. It doesn’t accrue dirt as much as the matt paint scheme though it still picks up fingerprint stains.

What is price of Studds helmet?

Studds Bike Helmet Price list in India (June 2022)

Bike Helmet NAME PRICE
Studds – Full Face Helmet – Ninja 3G FlipUp (Black) [Size : 58-60 cms] Rs.1,790
Studds – Full Face Helmet – Rhino Decor (D2 White N4) [Large – 58 cms] Rs.1,500
STUDDS – Full Face Helmet – Professional (Black) [Large – 58cm] Rs.1,020

How much is a 4151 helmet?


STUDDS NINJA**- PLAIN flip-up helmet M.R.P.: Rs. 995/- STUDDS NINJA DECOR-II flip-up helmet M.R.P.: Rs. 1030/-
STUDDS NINJA 2G flip-up helmet M.R.P.: Rs. 1240/- STUDDS NINJA 3G flip-up helmet M.R.P.: Rs. 1320/-

Which is the best helmet in India?

List of Top 10 Motorbike Helmets in India

  1. Bell MX-9. (Source: revzilla)
  2. LS2 MX470. (Source: fc-moto)
  3. MT Falcon Warrior. (Source: motordinn)
  4. SMK Twister. (Source: Amazon)
  5. Royal Enfield Escapade Stripe. (Source: amazon)
  6. Steelbird SB-42 Airborne. (Source: amazon)
  7. Steelbird SBA-1 R2K. (Source: amazon)
  8. Vega Crux DX. (Source: Amazon)

Is Studds helmet ISI certified?

There are many reputed helmet manufacturers in India who make ISI certified helmets. Some of the prominent manufacturers include Vega, Steelbird, Studds, Spark and Aaron.

Is SMK a Studd?

SMK helmets are conceptualized and designed in Europe, before being produced by Studds, a company based in Faridabad, India that produces almost fourteen million helmets annually, destined for markets across the world.