Are Vector and vanilla dating?

In Sonic X, an anime based on the Sonic the Hedgehog, Vanilla and Vector finally meet in person. It is this meeting that sparked fans to start shipping them romantically. In the original Japanese version of the final episode in this series, the two were implied to have confessed their feelings to each other.

What age is Vector Sonic?

Vector the Crocodile is a green-hued 20-year-old croc who lives either in or near the offices of the Chaotix Detective Agency.

Are Vector and vanilla canon?

Canon. Vector and Vanilla both originate from the games but never had a physical interaction with each other. In Sonic Free Riders, Vanilla saw Vector on TV.

Is Vector a good guy in Sonic?

He’ll work for money, but nevertheless, he is benevolent enough that he will help for free when needed, such as helping the crying kids find their lost toys. Despite his minor selfishness, Vector is extremely respectful towards Sonic and is a generally kind person.

Does Vector have a crush on vanilla?

Vector has a crush on Vanilla the Rabbit, who begged him to reunite her with her daughter after she had gone missing. After helping her out in the Metarex saga again, Vanilla visited the Chaotix to thank them and later took a walk with Vector, indicating she might be returning his feelings.

Are vector and Sonic friends?

The Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics depicted Vector as Knuckles’ oldest friend and the first member of the Chaotix. In typical Knuckles continuity, they got into a fight upon their first meeting but soon became friends.

What is the best sonic couple?


  • 10: Knuckles and Tikal. Both Echindas.
  • 9: Shadow and Rouge. Rouge was found of Shadow when they 1st meet.
  • 7: Sonic and Mina. In the Archie series I find this couple very cute, plus Mina can keep up with Sonic!
  • 6: Tails and Li Moon.
  • 4: Tails and Tikal.
  • 3: Silver and Blaze.
  • 2: Sonic and Amy.
  • 1: Tails and Cream.

Are Knuckles and Tikal related?

They are not related.