Are violets weeds or flowers?

This native plant may look cute and dainty, especially in the spring when it produces pretty purple flowers. But in reality it is an aggressive weed with an unusual flowering quirk that results in thick mats of leaves that can choke out your lawn. Wild violets are very tough plants that tolerate drought.

Can you eat wild violets?

Harvesting wild violet Leaves are edible but because the leaves are easily confused with other non-edible plants it is important to stick with the sure bet if you are unfamiliar with violets and their look-alikes. Violet flowers can be used to garnish salads or flavor vinegar and syrup.

What do violet wildflowers symbolize?

Common violet flower meanings include innocence, everlasting love, modesty, spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, mysticism, and remembrance.

Should I let wild violets grow in my garden?

Wild violets make great accents around trees, near water sources, and beds. They also make excellent choices for instant ground cover in a woodland garden. They can even be grown in containers. Both the leaves and flowers (which bloom in late winter and early spring) are also edible and rich in vitamins.

Is a violet a wildflower?

Distinguishing Features. The common wild violet is a native wildflower which tends to favour woods, thickets and stream banks. This is a low-growing perennial which features heart-shaped leaves and large blue-violet flowers (sometimes yellow or white).

Are wild violets good?

Wild violets are an excellent place to start if you want to forage food for the first time. Easily recognizable and mild in flavor, the violet blooms will help you begin your journey as a wild plant forager. The flowers are lettuce-like and have a subtle peppery flavor. Some species taste like wintergreens.

Are wild violets weeds?

Wild violets (Viola papilionacea) are winter annual or perennial weeds that often grow in clumps. The plants form rhizomes that support heart-shaped leaves. The flowers of wild violet have five petals and are usually purple, but can also be white or yellow.

What are wild violets good for?

Medicinal Uses of Wild Violets They are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and a blood cleanser. They are good for coughs and colds, and can be made into a violet leaf and honey cough syrup. Violets can also be used topically for skin conditions like eczema, dry skin, bug bites, and varicose veins.

What do violets symbolize in Christianity?

Violet flower meaning in Christianity: The violet flower is a symbol of humility and innocence in Christianity. The color violet is often associated with the Virgin Mary, and the flowers are used to decorate altars and churches during Lent.

Are wild violets beneficial?

They’ve been known to take over yards and flower beds with no concern for whatever landscaping plans the homeowner originally had in mind. Now, if you love wild violets and their vibrant blooms are your favorite part of spring, then enjoy! They’re great for pollinators and can add a pop of color to your yard.