Are Vuarnet sunglasses worth the money?

The fit and finish on these glasses is excellent. They feel solid and they look great. The amber lenses take a little getting used to after wearing the polarized grey of RayBan for so many years. In bright sunlight they are good but in overcast conditions they are amazing.

Are Vuarnet lenses good?

Our Verdict. The Vuarnet District Medium Rounds are a pretty great pair of shades with a lot of spunk. Combining quality materials, an excellent performance, and some serious style, they’re our Top Pick for Stylish Function. Their mineral lenses are clear, protective, durable, and great for bright light situations.

Who owns Vuarnet glasses?

Sporoptic Pouilloux

Product type Eyewear, sportswear
Owner Sporoptic Pouilloux
Country France
Introduced 1961
Markets World

Where is Vuarnet made?

Made in France
Sunglasses, Apparel & Skiwear. Made in France since 1957. – Vuarnet.

Who wears Vuarnet?

Go behind the scenes at Vuarnet, the maker of the classic shades beloved by both skiers and icons like Miles Davis and Mick Jagger. Meaux knows how to wait for perfection. Located 25 miles northeast of Paris, beside the languid River Marne, the city took roughly 400 years to build its cathedral.

Are Vuarnet lenses glass?

Vuarnet mineral glass lenses, mass tinted are naturally scratch resistant even against the most aggressive circumstances, like keys in your bag. The lenses are not scratch-proof.

What happened to Vuarnet?

Jean Vuarnet passed away in January 2017. But the company that bears his name is enjoying a surge of popularity, in part because shoppers around the world once again appreciate the brand’s vintage styling.

What is the meaning of Vuarnet?

Vuarnet (French pronunciation: ​[vyaʁnɛ]) is an eyewear brand based in France, owned and manufactured by Sporoptic Pouilloux, S.A. The brand was developed from the invention of the Skilynx lens in 1957 by French opticians Roger Pouilloux and Joseph Hatchiguian.

What are Vuarnet lenses made of?

Vuarnet has been handcrafting 100% Mineral Glass lenses since 1957. Made in Meaux, France; Vuarnet mineral lenses are natural and recyclable in comparison to the plastic and polycarbonate used by most eyewear brands.

Are polycarbonate lenses better than glass?

Polycarbonate lenses are highly resistant to impact, won’t shatter, and are 10 times stronger than glass or standard plastic, making them ideal for children, safety lenses, and physical activity. Lightweight and thinner than glass lenses, polycarbonate is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Does Vuarnet exist?

From our newest creations to our timeless icons, all of our sunglasses are now available online. Equipped with authentic Vuarnet mineral lenses, they ensure the best protection whether in the sea, in the mountains or in the city.

How can you tell if Vuarnet sunglasses are real?

Each authentic frame is delivered in its own case complete with the Vuarnet certificate of authenticity and each lens is engraved with the “V on ski” symbol, signature of the brand.

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