Are Yokohama tires good?

Yokohama tires are a good choice for many drivers. The company offers a wide range of products, but consumers tend to prefer its performance and all-season models. Yokohama’s tread life warranties are standard, as are its prices. However, a few models are cost-effective alternatives to other big-name brands.

What tire is equal to Michelin?

Based on the sales stats, Bridgestone and Michelin are literally neck and neck for the title of the world’s biggest tire maker. This is the reason why people often ask which is the best between Bridgestone and Michelin since these two brands are among the most popular in the world.

What is the best TYRE brand?

The top 10 tyre brands

  • Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a Japanese tyre maker and the largest tyre manufacturer in the world.
  • Michelin.
  • Goodyear.
  • Pirelli.
  • Apollo tyres.
  • MRF tyres (Madras Rubber Factory)
  • Continental.
  • Dunlop.

Where is Yokohama tires made?

The company has two manufacturing facilities in the United States: one in Salem, Virginia, and another in West Point, Mississippi.

Yokohama tires offer good quality rubber for all sorts of vehicles. All of its brands do everything well, but they’re not exceptional in any one single aspect, as you’ll discover in this review.

Who are Yokohama tires made by?

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Since expanding to the United States in 1969, we’ve been an industry leader in tire technology and innovation across the globe.

How many miles do Yokohama tires last?

around 50,000 miles
Yokohama’s tread life warranties are standard in the industry, averaging around 50,000 miles.

Are all Yokohama tyres Made in Japan?

Yokohama Tire is at the cutting edge of tyre technology, and in recent years, to keep up with global demand, Yokohama has expanded its tyre plants in nations outside of Japan, such as China, Thailand, India and Russia, with sales companies now in Germany and China.

How good is Yokohama BluEarth?

Good work Yokohama, keep them rolling!!!! These tires have a great ride quality, cornering is great, they grip very well. Tried them moderately on race tracks too, the handling is great. Noise is probably above average but that’s to be expected I think.

Where are Yokohama blue tyres made?

Yokohama Blue Earth AE50 – 215/60-16 Only travelled 3000 km and very quiet. 99V load rating and appear to be shock absorbing over rough road and pot holes with tyre pressure 35/35 psi, good ride over rough road. Made in Philippines.

Where are Yokohama tires made?