Are you allowed to wild camp in Sweden?

Yes, wild camping, also known as boondocking, dry camping, or dispersed camping, is officially allowed in Sweden. To protect nature and the environment, however, some points should be considered. The freedom to stay and camp anywhere in nature is based on the Everyman’s Right (Swedish Allemansrätten).

Where can you wild camp in Sweden?

Seven of the best places to go wild camping in Sweden this summer

  1. Skuleskogen National Park. Skuleskogen is one of 29 national parks in Sweden, situated in the Västernorrland county, on the coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden.
  2. Upplandsleden.
  3. Fulufjället.
  4. Gotland.
  5. Glaskogen.
  6. Skåne.
  7. Kungsleden.

Which rule should campers in Sweden’s wilderness know?

The golden rules for camping wild in Sweden: Don’t walk over or camp on crops, or any other areas that can be easily damaged. Don’t litter. The law says you have a limited right to cross another person’s land or stay on it for a short period of time, even if the owner hasn’t given specific consent.

Can you camp anywhere in Scandinavia?

In Sweden you can roam anywhere you like, without the landowner’s permission. In Sweden, you can walk, ride, cycle, ski and camp on any land you like, without the landowner’s permission. You can also forage, picking flowers, berries and mushrooms (excluding protected species and those in conservation areas).

How much does it cost to camp in Sweden?

Campsite prices How much you pay will depend of the facilities but a typical price for a tent and two adults is around 200–300 SEK per night.

Are bears in Sweden?

The Swedish Brown Bear population has grown to a number of at about 3000 individuals, distributed across the central and northern parts of Sweden. Adult bears generally weigh between 100-300 kg for males and 60-200 for females. Bears are very shy and do not attack people, but should be respected and kept at a distance.

Can you live in a caravan in Sweden?

It is perfectly legal to do so in Sweden unless the opposite is explicitly indicated. You may spend a maximum of 2 nights at the same spot, but usually, nobody really checks if you have stayed a night longer or not. There are plenty of nice spots for wild camping in less inhabited parts of Sweden.

Is it legal to live in a van in Sweden?

Sweden has been a perfect van life destination for us as wild camping is completely legal thanks to the Swedish law of Allmansrätten, or “Everyone’s Right” which allows you the freedom and right to roam, so long as you do not disturb and do not destroy.

Can you make a fire in Sweden?

Making fires is allowed in the Swedish countryside – but only when conditions are safe. Campfires make some landowners nervous – and understandably so. Many forest fires are unintentionally caused by campfires every year – and with dire consequences.

Are there crocodiles in Sweden?

Sweden – Nordstjernan. It is as exclusive as the Cuban cigar, the Cuban crocodile. One couple, Hillary and Castro, have found a home in Sweden since 1981.