Can FSS orders be protested?

A disappointed offeror may protest the award of a task order issued under an FSS contract, regardless of the award value. And, the protest may be filed with the agency, GAO, or the COFC. For a size protest, there is no minimum award value requirement.

Can you protest a GSA order?

A GSA Schedule contractor certainly can protest award of a Schedule order placed against that Schedule to the agency issuing that order, to GAO, or to the Court of Federal Claims.

What is the protest threshold for task orders?

Task order protests related to Department of Defense (DoD) procurements can only be filed with GAO if (1) the order at issue increases the scope, period, or maximum value of the contract under which it is issued or, as it relates to the subject case, (2) the order is valued in excess of $25 million (for civilian …

Can you protest far 8?

Federal Supply Schedule contracts, however, are not treated as task or delivery order contracts and are not subject to the bar. This means one can protest a FAR Part 8 order regardless of its value, and can even take the protest to the Court of Federal Claims, if one wants.

Can you protest a BPA?

Protests Relating to Federal Supply Schedule Orders Yes, the other BPA holders could file a protest at the order level. A FAR part 8 BPA is established under a Federal Supply Schedule contract (see FAR 8.405-3(a)(1)).

What is the GAO’s jurisdictional limit for Department of Defense task order bid protests?

The U.S. Federal Acquisition and Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA), as amended, establishes a $10 million jurisdictional threshold for the GAO to hear protests of task orders issued under multiple-award contracts that are awarded by civilian agencies.

What are the three types of bid protest?

There are three types of protests at the Government Accountability Office (GAO): pre-award bid protests, post-award bid protests, and corrective action protests.

Can a task order have options?

Answer. You should not use an option in a task order to change the ordering period of the contract under which the order was issued. Task orders are subordinate to contracts. Contracts are not subordinate to task orders.

Can a BPA be protested?

Thus, a BPA holder could file a protest with the agency, the GAO, or the COFC.

What is the difference between an IDIQ and BPA?

In the debate of IDIQ vs BPA vs BOA, remember that IDIQ is an explicit contract, while the other two are just agreements. There is one key difference between BPAs and BOAs, and that is that BOAs don’t include a price list when they are created.

How does a BPA work?

A Blanket Purchase Agreement(BPA) is a way for a government buyer to simplify the process of obtaining recurring products and services from a set of contractors. Government buyers can set up a BPA by establishing a finite budget for an anticipated good or service.