Can I print out a Certified Mail label online?

Print Certified Mail Labels Online Create USPS Certified Mail® labels, Priority Mail labels and Express Mail labels with USPS Postage online! No more stickers, forms or lines at the Post Office! Just log-on, address, print and mail! No monthly fees and no special equipment needed.

How do I get Certified Mail Return Receipt requested?

To use Return Receipt, the USPS requires a special form which can be obtained at the Post Office™ or from the store. These forms can be filled out by hand; alternatively, also offers special Certified Mail labels that can be automatically filled out by’s software.

How much is Certified Mail with Return Receipt?

USPS certified mail costs $3.55, in the addition to the postage needed to mail your item. If you want to add a return receipt, that is an additional $2.85 for a mail receipt or $1.70 for email.

How do I print a certified label?

Print your Label.

  1. Click the blue Purchase and Print button.
  2. Print your label on plain paper.
  3. Fold and insert the label into the Certified Mail® window envelope. Insert your documents behind the address label, seal the envelope and drop it into any USPS Mail receptacle or give it to your letter carrier.

What’s the difference between certified mail and return receipt?

The difference between certified mail and return receipt lies in delivery confirmation. Certified Mail is a USPS service providing the sender with an official receipt showing proof that an item was mailed. A Return Receipt may also be purchased, providing the sender with verification of delivery via email or postcard.

How much does it cost to send a certified letter USPS?

Certified Mail is an extra service offered by the USPS that provides you with verification that a mail piece or package was delivered. The service fee is $3.50, whether you are sending a small letter or a large box.

What is the difference between certified mail and return receipt requested?

What happens if certified mail is not signed for?

If someone sends you Certified Mail pertaining to a lawsuit, once you sign for it, you have 28 days to file your answer. If you refuse to sign for it, the chances are that the sender or court will send you the same documentation via regular mail. Once it’s sent by regular mail, they’ll consider it delivered.

Can I prepare certified mail online?

Traditionally Certified Mail is sent in the Post Office by filling out a Green Card and waiting in line. However, thanks to technology there are companies, such as Switch, that allow you to send Certified Mail online. Sending Certified Mail online is easy and only requires access to a computer and the internet.