Can I put solar on my carport?

The short answer is yes. You can use a solar panel carport to charge your eco-friendly electric vehicle. If you’re in the process of installing a carport, consider adding solar panels, getting a new car, and helping the environment with a few easy decisions.

Can you put solar panels on a carport roof?

A carport or garage roof is a great place for a full solar install or to add to your existing solar system.

Can you put solar panels on a metal carport?

Commonplace metal carports are the perfect “solar support structure”. Carports can range from 1-car “mini-ports” to double-wide 4-car, or extra long RV carports. EV car owners can now install autonomous EVSolarPorts to protect and charge their cars with no impact on their electric bill.

How many solar panels can fit on a carport?

Seven solar panels installed as one carport structure can cover two rows of parking. The best layout will depend on your parking lot and your energy needs.

What is a solar carport?

Solar carports are ground-mounted solar panels that are installed above parking lots and are one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry. The advantage of a carport is that it allows installers to orient the panels at the most optimal angle for sunlight exposure.

Why don’t we cover parking lots with solar panels?

“It’s the most expensive type of system to build,” Chase Weir of TruSolar which rates solar projects based on financial riskiness, told The Washington Post. “A lot more engineering, a whole lot more steel, more labor, and therefore, it’s a relatively small percentage [of solar power].”

How tall are solar carports?

While a normal ground-mounted solar system may sit two or three feet off the ground on available land, a solar carport may be as high as 10 feet or more and include large metal racking. The benefit to this is the solar panels sit high enough off the ground to allow cars to park underneath.