Can we contact Google support?

You can call Google customer support at 650-253-0000. The number leads to an operator service called “the Googleplex” that is based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Calling the number will take you to an automated menu that will take you to a series of other menus.

How do I send a message to Google?

Send an audio message On your Android phone, touch and hold the Home button or say “Hey Google.” Say a command. For example: “Send an audio message to [contact name].”

What is Google email address?

Google Account email This is the main email address for your Google Account. It’s set as your primary email when you create a Google Account, but you can choose a different primary email if you like. Manage your Google Account. At the top, tap Personal info.

How do I report a problem to Google?

On your Android device, open the Google app ….Report a problem

  1. Do a search on Google.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the results page.
  3. Tap Feedback.
  4. Enter a description of the issue.
  5. If you want, you can include a screenshot of the page you’re looking at.
  6. Tap Send. .

Does Google have chat?

You can message a person or group in Google Chat the same way you do in classic Hangouts, but with enhanced features. Google Chat is available in Gmail. You can also use Google Chat on the web and on mobile with apps for Android, iOS, and desktop.

How do I contact a Google support representative?

contact to a google representative. customer-service support contact is through the? in the ad-account, or the same similar phone-numbers, that are currently listed here: posting, here in public, more specific information, or the specific type

How do you send an email to Google?

Google Contact Number & Google Contact Email. Google’s contact phone number is 1-866-246-6453 and their contact email is [email protected], but please keep in mind you probably won’t get a reply to your question via these channels.

How do I contact Google support by phone?

Click through to

  • Scroll down to expand the list of icons to show the “Business” section
  • Click on Google My Business or Google AdWords
  • In the top right corner of the screen,click “contact” or “fix”
  • Choose whichever options best describe your problem
  • Many of the options are a “dead end” and won’t lead you to a contact form
  • How can I contact Google technical support?

    Understand how Google’s support center works. Since Google can’t provide customer service for things like password resets or account recovery,they have a comprehensive list of common help topics

  • Open Google Support. Go to your computer’s web browser.
  • Select a product.
  • Review the available support resources.