Can you bring Legion on The Citadel?

When you dock at the Citadel you are scanned upon entry. When you have Legion as a squadmate he is allowed through, without comment even.

What should I buy on the Citadel me2?

Citadel Souvenirs

Item Price Discounted
Space Hamster 9,200 7,666
Illium Skald Fish 500 416
Model – Normandy SR1 500 416
Model – Destiny Ascension 500 416

Where do I find Legion in Mass Effect 2?

How to Find and Recruit Legion. Legion is unique in that he is the only recruitable Squad Mate who does not have a dedicated Dossier Mission. Instead, he is found at the end of The Reaper IFF Mission, which is unlocked after you complete the Collector Ship Mission.

Where are all the shops in Mass Effect 2?

Shopping and Store Guide

  • Citadel Stores. Citadel Souvenirs. Zakera CafĂ© Rodam Expeditions. Sirta Foundation.
  • Omega Stores. Omega Market. Harrot’s Emporium. Kenn’s Salvage.
  • Illium Stores. Serrice Technology. Gateway Personal Defense. Memories of Illium. Baria Frontiers.
  • Tuchanka Stores. Ratch’s Wares. Fortack’s Database.

Can you miss Legion in Mass Effect 2?

So, if you’re just getting deep into Mass Effect 2, have every other squad mate recruited, and are just worrying about not having Legion yet: don’t worry. The important thing for you to know is that it’s impossible to miss the opportunity to recruit Legion in ME2.

How early can you get Legion in Mass Effect 2?

How to Get Legion in Mass Effect 2. You won’t come across Legion until Mass Effect 2’s last mission before the suicide mission. Legion is on board the derelict Reaper and helps Shepard deal with the threats there before the crew locates the IFF and enters the relay.

Can you buy everything in me2?

You can’t buy everything in a single playthrough. You can get closer with the double-money terminal hack glitch. If you have ever failed hacking a terminal, you might have missed some upgrades.