Can you buy vapes in New Zealand?

Under the new Smokefree legislation, thousands of vape and smokeless tobacco products will become illegal to sell unless registered with the Ministry of Health from this Friday, 11 February.

Where can I buy Nic online?

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  • Where is the vaping Kiwi based?

    New Zealand
    We are New Zealand owned and operated, and have been in operation since early 2014. In this time we’ve built a reputation in the NZ vaping community for being at the top of our game.

    How do I get my vape products delivered?

    Websites like have set up delivery services to connect consumers directly to the vaping products they love. Whether you’re looking for disposables or just to re-fill your pod system, you can simply browse all the available products online and then order by phone.

    Is vaping banned in NZ?

    New Zealand has finally, officially, legalised vaping! We have been pushing for a regulated industry for the last 5 years we have been in operation. It’s amazing to finally have this legislation through parliament! These laws will come into effect on 11 November 2020.

    Can you take vapes on a plane NZ?

    Yes, you can take an e-cigarette, vaporiser or vape on the plane, but it must be in your carry-on luggage. Do not pack these items in your check-in luggage.

    Can you buy vapes on eBay?

    E-cigarettes and their accessories, or items containing tobacco, are not allowed on eBay. The sale of tobacco is highly regulated, and may cause harm to eBay members, so we do not allow tobacco products to be listed.

    Can vaping put water in your lungs?

    There have been reports of “wet lung” (fluid building in the lungs) among vape smokers. Your lungs normally do not get permanently wet or fill with fluid merely by inhaling vaporized water (such as fog). However, vaping causes inflammation of lung tissue.

    Does vaping count as smoking?

    Don’t vape if you don’t smoke. Only vape to quit smoking. Vaping is not smoking, but some people find vaping works to help them quit because it offers experiences similar to smoking a cigarette. Vaping has a similar hand-to-mouth action as smoking, and it can also be social.