Can you change your look in Mass Effect 1?

If you’re on PC the you can change your face in any version of ME (using the save game editor). Firstly create a free account on Nexus mods (you’ll need this to download the save editor). Then start a new game in the version you’re playing. You must create your face in the version you’re playing (ME1/ME2/ME3).

Can you customize your character in Mass Effect 1?

Character Creation for Mass Effect allows players to fully customize their hero. In creating your character, you will be given the opportunity to choose your Pre-service History (Origin), Psychological Profile (Reputation), Military Specialization (Class) and the appearance of your character.

Can you change classes after importing Mass Effect 1 save?

You cannot change your class once you have begun the actual game in Mass Effect. The first game especially, but also for the sequels as we’ll explain below. Basically you get one chance to set a class for that particular game, with the choice to change it when importing a save file into ME2 or ME3.

Is there a save editor for Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

For all the PC gamers: The Save Game Editor is out for the LE.

Is Shepard customizable?

Players have the opportunity to customize Shepard into whatever class they want to be, rather than having soldier as their default option. Players can be a powerful biotic, a tech expert, or possibly a mixture of both.

Can you change Shepard’s appearance Mass Effect Legendary?

If you are just starting your new game, you have the option to customize your Shepard’s face. If you import the default Shepard’s face or even just highlight the option of default then go down one (to Customize Face) that face will be the present. From there you can do whatever you like.

Does shepards background matter?

Each background is home to some exclusive side quests and characters, and Shepard will sometimes have unique background based on this choice – so while it isn’t strictly critical, it certainly matters.

How do you respec in Mass Effect 1?

All you have to do is visit the terminal that is located in Med Bay in Tempest. Pick a character and reset its skills. The cost of Respec Station is 500EZ on every usage, but if you use it for the first time you will have to pay 20EZ. Respec Talent Points in Normandy will cost you 2500EZ which is quite a good amount.