Can you get a porcupine as a pet?

A porcupine can be a pretty easygoing pet — but it can also be prickly. Yes, it’s possible to pet a porcupine, and a number of states allow you to keep one as a pet. But safely handling this spiky rodent takes patience and skill.

How much can you buy a porcupine for?

We are USDA-licensed breeders of standard black and albino African crested porcupines! Contact us to reserve the next bottle baby porcupine. Standard blacks are currenlty priced at $1200, and albinos are $3000.

Do porcupines like to be pet?

So lots of different people have had the wonderful experience of petting Pokey and feeling her wiry hair and spiny quills. Pokey likes to be petted, but you have to be very calm and gentle when you do it so that you don’t startle her. She is a very sweet porcupine but she scares easily.

How long do pet porcupines live?

The average life expectancy of a wild porcupine is 5 to 6 years, while their captive counterparts have been known to live up to 10 years. Porcupines have a benevolent disposition and, unless provoked to defend themselves, they cause no real harm.

Can porcupines learn to talk?

In the wild, porcupines aren’t so talkative. Porcupines are solitary creatures, so there’s not really anyone for them to chat with, Roze says.

Can porcupines be trained?

NA porcupines can be slow with the training, but some individuals can be quite zippy – so be prepared for anything when starting a new routine. At Philadelphia Zoo, the NA porcupines are target trained, station trained, and are working on going from point A to point B on cue.

Do porcupines scream?

Porcupines whine, moan and grunt, and also engage in battle chatter, a strident sound made by clicking their teeth. During mating season, both males and females make these sounds, along with wails, shrieks, and siren-like screaming.

What states have porcupines?

The North American porcupine can be found in most of Canada and the western United States south to Mexico. In the eastern United States, it can be found in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Do porcupines stink?

Contrary to legend, porcupines can’t shoot their quills, but they are able to raise them. They emit a pungent odor (likened to the smell of stinky cheese) to let predators — primarily fishers, but also courageous owls and coyotes — know they’re serious about defending themselves.

What is the best Porcupine to keep as a pet?

The one that is probably most commonly kept as pets is the largest species, the North American porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum). Some people also keep African crested porcupines (Hystrix cristata) as pets.

What different types of porcupines do you offer?

We offer two different varieties of porcupine including African crested porcupines and american porcupines. All of our exotic animals have been raised in a state and federally licenced facility in Tennessee.

Is it legal to own a porcupine?

I don’t think you really want a porcupine… they are most likely not legal to own anyways. Porcupines are wild animals and not appropriate to own as a private citizen. If you mean hedgehog, there are several domesticated varieties. Check your local laws to ensure they’re legal to own where you live.

How to introduce a porcupine to a new pet?

Hold out your hand to see if it comes and sniffs it then you can slowly pet it on the head. Build relations by spending time with it and before you know it, it would want treats and belly scratches. Be extremely careful introducing an adult porcupine if you already have a pet dog or a cat.