Can you get a refund from Mt Olympus?

We booked a room at Mount Olympus months in advance through their website. Mount Olympus does not give refunds for cancellations no matter what the reason which in itself is absurd. However instead of canceling when our family got covid will you push the dates back even further.

Are masks required at Mt Olympus Wisconsin Dells?

Mask policy not enforced.

How much are Mt Olympus lockers?

4 answers. 1) Parking is $20, where is where you get a parking tag (hang-tag) for your window. 2) Lockers are $10, and $5 is refunded when you return the key.

Who owns Mount Olympus Wisconsin Dells?

Nick Laskaris
Nick Laskaris, co-owner of Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, looks over a map of Wisconsin Dells Parkway. Laskaris and his wife are buying and remodeling older motels and hotels along the strip to incorporate into their resort.

Can you smoke at Mt Olympus?

No Smoking Olympus is a 100% smoke-free environment.

Does Mount Olympus sell alcohol?

Can – Order Liquor Online….Share.

Category Microbrew
Brand Mount Olympus Brewing
Alcohol/vol 6%

Can you wear water shoes at Wisconsin Dells?

There’s a lot of walking and hot pavement/cement for us we prefer water shoes/water sandals and yes they’re permitted. We’ve always worn footwear in/around the park and on rides. It’s 100% your preference as long as you follow the above guidelines.

Does Mt Olympus microwave?

There are 1700 rooms at Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park Resort, each offering all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. They are also equipped with a hair dryer and a microwave.

Where can you smoke at Mt Olympus?

Smoking: Mt. Olympus Resorts are non smoking facilities. Should the need arise; designated smoking areas are provided outside the resort. Please be advised, there is a $300 fee per night for any infractions.

Is Mt Olympus Open 2021?

The official opening and closing dates for Mount Olympus, New Zealand for current and past seasons….Opening and Closing Dates. Mount OlympusClosed.

Season Opening Closing
22/23 Jul 01 2022 (estimated) Oct 02 2022 (estimated)
21/22 Aug 06 2021 Oct 16 2021