Can you get all Chocographs from Chocobo Forest?

In total, there are 24 Chocographs to found in the game, and for Chocograph 20, you need to collect all 6 Chocograph Pieces from the Lagoon and Forest to form one complete chocograph in your list.

How do you get the flying Chocobo in Final Fantasy 9?

To upgrade your Chocobo to the Golden Chocobo, you must unearth several Chocographs from Chocobo’s Forest, and then locate them on the World Map. Once you’ve received the Golden Chocobo, go to any forest on the world map and press the “Confirm” button while on your Chocobo. The Chocobo will begin flying.

Where can I get each Chocograph?

Chocographs are found by digging in the minigame Chocobo Hot and Cold played in Chocobo’s Forest, Chocobo’s Lagoon and Chocobo’s Air Garden.

How do you get to the Chocobo Air Garden?

The Chocobo’s Air Garden is a location in Final Fantasy IX. Only accessible by golden Choco, the player must find a dark spot on the ground on the world map and use a Dead Pepper while flying over it.

How do I get golden chocobo ff9?

The gold chocobo is called the Sky Chocobo, and is Choco’s final evolution. To acquire it, the player must locate the six Chocograph pieces in Chocobo’s Forest and Chocobo’s Lagoon, completing the Mist Ocean chocograph that holds the Sky upgrade.

How do I get Chocograph 3?

Chocograph #3: Uncultivated Land You cannot obtain this Chocograph until after you have obtained the Blue Narciss. You will have to wait until you have an airship or until your Chocobo has obtained the Mountain Ability. Rewards include 10 Antidotes, 1 Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edges and 1 Cargo Ship Card.

How do you get a mountain chocobo in ff9?

There’s a forest for Choco to land in and a small mountain nearby. Look for a large crack on the side of the mountain. Move Choco across the ground to the crack, and then open the menu ([Triangle] button) and use a Dead Pepper. Choco will dig open the entrance to Chocobo’s Paradise.

Where can I find chocobos in FF9?

One such place is Chocobo’s Air Garden, the very last Chocobo Forest area in FF9. Floating in the sky, the only way to find this area is by searching the world for a slow moving, circular shadow. When found, entering this area merely requires floating above the shadow on Choco, and feed him a dead pepper.

What are chocographs in Final Fantasy IX?

Some of the most important side quests in Final Fantasy IX are, of course, related to Chocobos. There’s a lot with Chocobos in this game, but one particularly now-iconic element are Chocographs, the treasure maps that point to unique and powerful loot that you can only find with the help of your trusty, beaked, warking friends.

Where is the Chocobo Forest in Lindblum?

The Chocobo Forest. This long but incredibly productive side quest starts when you visit the Chocobo Forest as soon as you leave Lindblum for the first time in Disc 1. The forest is located northeast of Lindblum, directly east of Qu’s Marsh. Once inside, speak to Mene to learn a few things and receive a Gysahl Green.

How do you find the air garden in chocobos?

Location of Chocobo’s Air Garden. Floating in the sky, the only way to find the Air Garden is by searching the world for a slow moving, circular shadow. When found, the party must float above the shadow on a flying Choco, and feed him a Dead Pepper. Once visited, the Air Garden’s location appears on the enlarged world map.