Can you go whale watching in January?

If you’re interested in gray whales, humpback whales, dolphins, and sea lions, Turner suggests coming down to Southern California any time between January and April.

What is the best month for whale watching in San Francisco?

The best time for whale watching in San Francisco is from December – May, as you’ll have the best opportunity to see more than one type of whale. That said, you can spot other species during different months, so you shouldn’t discount an opportunity just because it doesn’t fall within this time frame.

Is January a good time to visit San Francisco?

January is a part of San Francisco’s off-season, when temperatures are often at their coldest and residents are still recovering from the December holidays. It’s often rainy, though you can get perfectly clear, dry days as well. Perks include minimal crowds and cheaper lodgings overall (unless there’s a conference).

Where are the whales in January?

The best locations to see whales in January and February are Hawaii, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Antarctica with blue whales appearing along the Baja California Peninsula on America’s west coast.

Where can I see orcas in January?

NORWAY. Orcas, humpbacks, dogsledding, northern lights: northern Norway is just the perfect spot for a winter trip.

Are there killer whales in San Francisco Bay?

This is the busy travel season in San Francisco and when plenty of people are on the water whale watching. During this time of year, you can expect to see Humpbacks and Blues. From March to May, you might even catch a glimpse of a Gray, Sperm, or Killer (Orcas) whale.

Can you see whales from the Golden Gate Bridge?

If you want to view whales without getting on a boat, then the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco may be the way to go. Several humpback whales were spotting enjoying the water under the bridge in one of California’s most iconic bays.

Is San Francisco cold in January?

AVERAGE JANUARY TEMPERATURES San Francisco during January tends to be on the cool side, but quite mild when compared to most of the rest of the United States during mid-winter. Daytime highs tend to be in the mid-50s F (13-14 C) as the new year begins, warming into the upper 50s F (15 C) by month’s end.

How do people dress in San Francisco in January?

What to Pack for the San Francisco Weather in January

  1. Jacket with a hood, medium weight to keep you warm.
  2. Medium weight sweaters or long-sleeved shirts.
  3. Light weight long sleeved shirts.
  4. Closed toe shoes that are comfortable for walking.
  5. Medium weight pants.
  6. Jeans.
  7. Light weight scarf.

Is March a good time for whale watching in California?

Orcas are generally most plentiful between February and April. In general, March and April will have the best combination of plenty of gray whales and orcas as well as better weather (less rain and storms), which make for a more pleasant whale watching experience in California.