Can you put rice bran in deer feeders?

Rice Bran: A Great Attractant If you just want something to use as an attractant for deer hunting then don’t turn up your nose at it. The deer will not. Whitetail deer absolutely love rice bran and it can be used to attract and pattern deer before and during the deer hunting season.

Is rice bran better than corn for deer?

Since deer that are still in their summer patterns are locked in on food sources, it only makes sense to provide them something to eat. While many bowhunters simply put out a pile of corn, Simpson prefers rice bran. “Bucks come to rice bran better than corn for whatever reason,” he said.

What is the best feed to attract deer?

Food Plots Plants that typically attract deer include red clover, chicory, and orchard grass. Certain high-protein crops, such as peas, soybeans, turnips, alfalfa, sorghum, kale, or corn, are also attractants that the animals enjoy feeding on. Deer like the nutritious nuts that come from chestnuts and acorns as well.

What to feed deer to fatten them up?

The high fat crude soybean oil serves as an attractant, helps them gain weight, and provides many essential minerals for antler growth, including calcium and phosphorous. Just mix it into your feed or pour it over piles of food.

How do I get my deer to eat rice bran?

Deer can eat rice bran, but it depends on: For some, small troughs work well in their location. For others, merely opening the bag of rice bran and leaving it open on the ground is enough.

Can you feed rice bran in a gravity feeder?

Bran continues to soak in moisture, causing it to drag and clog. The only way to get it to flow for extended periods is straight gravity or an auger type system.

Can you mix rice bran with corn?

I use it as an attractant, not for the protein content (although there is some benefit there), and just mix it with corn and they hammer it. Most of the over the shelf attractants are rice bran based. I like the higher fat content especially late in the season.

Is sweet feed good for deer?

Yes, it works well. It’s grain with molasses on it. Of course they like it. I think you’ll find that most people don’t use it because it cost so much more than just a bag of whole corn, and corn works as well as anything.

What is the cheapest way to feed a deer?

You can purchase mineral blocks or salt licks specifically for deer and leave some on a feeder around your land. Salt is an extremely cheap commodity and it is also a very easy thing to find. You can also mix nuts and other foods around the feeder.

What is the cheapest way to feed deer?