Can you replace straps on Bob stroller?

On both older and newer strollers, safety harness parts are not available for replacement. Anything that is sewn to the seat is considered to be part of the seat. The only way to fix a broken or torn harness is to replace the entire seat, at least, according to BOB.

Where is the model number on a BOB stroller?

Where can I find the model number, date of manufacture and the serial number on my BOB stroller? The label containing the model number, date of manufacture and the serial number can be found on the lower right leg of the frame – behind the right wheel.

Are Bob wheels interchangeable?

BOB Wheel Rambler Right/Rear Includes tire and inner tube mounted on rim. The only difference between the right and left wheel is the direction the spokes radiate and are interchangeable.

What year is my stroller?

Age of a stroller is determined by the manufacture date on the bottom of the stroller NOT the year you purchased it and began using it. The difference in re-sale value can be upwards of 10%-20% in some cases. Mom A- Purchased a new black Bugaboo Donkey 2 in March 2020 that was manufactured in 2020 for $1500.

Are there any replacement parts for the Bob stroller?

Only 2011 and newer fabric replacement parts can be found amid these categories. BOB Stroller Seats, Canopies, and Lowboy Cargo Baskets are all sold separately. Seats come complete with the safety harness (buckle not available as separate replacement part).

What strollers are compatible with Bob Revolution flex canopy?

Compatible Strollers based on Serial Number: Flex: U61185000001 and higher Pro: U631850000001 and higher Complete canopy in Glacier Blue (w/ Legacy Logo). Compatible with Single BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Strollers.

Which is the best front wheel assembly for a stroller?

BOB Motion Front Wheel Assembly S887700 (Compatible with MOTION strollers only): Includes one BOB MOTION Front Wheel Assembly, which can be used for either the front right or left sides. Assembly comes ready to easily install with tire, tube and wheel already configured. read more. This complete assembly comes with wheel, tire, inner tube and axle.

Where is the anti fly out strap on Bob stroller?

Anti-fly out strap, located near the center of the stroller, is used to prevent the child from “flying out” when the stroller hits a big bump. Lot of owners of Bob stroller are finding it difficult to find a replacement for harness buckle and the strap itself, in case it tears.