Can you swim in Kicking Horse River?

On hot, summer days you will be fine with less layers and many of our guests will go for a refreshing dip at the designated swimming spots along the river. Going for a swim in the Kicking Horse. On hot, sunny days most guests are fine in just the wetsuit.

What class is the Kicking Horse river?

Class 3 Whitewater
Canadian Rockies Class 3 Whitewater: The middle canyon of the Kicking Horse River has lots of class 3 thrills. Nice, big rolling waves that will get everyone nice and wet and get the adrenaline flowing! Trips That Offer Class 3 Thrills Are: Full Day Rafting.

Where is Horse river?

Horse River is a stream in Alberta and has an elevation of 300 metres.

Which river flows through Golden BC?

The Columbia River is a big deal both North and South of the border and the vast wetlands extending up from Invermere in BC through Golden and out past Donald are pretty spectacular. Driving up from… “Fantastic scenery.” Beautiful scenery here with the river, the tall fir trees and the mountains all around.

Where does the Kicking Horse River start?

Columbia RiverKicking Horse River / Mouth

Where is the Kicking Horse River?

southeastern British Columbia, Canada
The Kicking Horse River is in the Canadian Rockies of southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The river was named in 1858, when James Hector, a member of the Palliser Expedition, reported being kicked by his packhorse while exploring the river.

How did Kicking Horse get its name?

The Kicking Horse River History The river received its unusual name during the famous Palliser Expedition of 1858, when James Hector (the expedition doctor), was kicked in the chest by his horse attempting to cross the swift-flowing waters of the Kicking Horse.

When did Kicking Horse ski resort open?

Kicking Horse opened in 2000 to the sheer delight of skiers and boarders.