Can you swim on Manini Beach?

The park is grassy and has a swim area. Be careful of the waves crashing you into the lava rocks. But, once you swim out further into the bay, the snorkeling views of the reef are incredible.

How do you get to Manini Beach?

Getting to Manini Beach Traveling on Highway 11, turn onto Napo’opo’o Road (Hwy 160) just south of the 111-mile marker. In about 3 miles (5k), turn right to stay on Napo’opo’o Road, continuing 1.7 miles (2.7k) to Kealakekua Bay. Turn left onto Pu’uhonua Road (still Hwy 160).

Can you swim in Kealakekua Bay?

The bay is perfect for watersports of all kinds, and the stunning 300-foot long Hanalei Pier is perfect for fishing — or jumping off for a nice swim. Hawaii Island’s beautiful reef-filled Kealakekua Bay is one of the state’s most historic bays and a known dolphin hangout.

Can you snorkel on your own in Kealakekua Bay?

Yes, you can snorkel on your own. I would recommend renting a kayak at Bay Side Adventures and kayaking across the bay. We were able to watch and snorkel with spinner dolphins on our way over to the Captain Cook Monument.

Is Kua Bay open today?

Kua Bay Overview Directions: The park entry road is located between Mile Markers #88 and #89 on Highway 19. Note: The gate is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

Is Kukio beach open?

All Hawaii beaches are open to the public; there are no private beaches. So while the Kuki’o Club is a gated residential community adjacent to the Hualalai Resort, the public is allowed access to the beach through the security guard shack.

Where is Captain Cook buried?

Kealakekua Bay, HIJames Cook / Place of burial

Is Kukio beach private?

Kūkiʻo Golf and Beach Club is a private, residential equity club located adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel on the Kona-Kohala coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Club membership is exclusive only to residents of Kukio, Maniniowali, and our sister property Kaupulehu.

Where do you park for Kukio Beach?

Access and Directions to Kukio Beach Turn off of Highway 19 onto Kaupulehu Drive, just south of the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort sign. Drive to the security hut and let them know you would like to go to the public beach. You’ll turn left just after the security hut and follow the road until you reach the parking lot.