Did Eric Burdon sing Low Rider?

War (originally called Eric Burdon and War) is an American funk/rock/soul band from Long Beach, California, known for several hit songs (including “Spill the Wine”, “The World Is a Ghetto”, “The Cisco Kid”, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”, “Low Rider”, and “Summer”).

What TV show played Low Rider?

George Lopez
George Lopez (TV series)

George Lopez
Opening theme “Low Rider” by War
Ending theme Instrumental closing theme, composed by Nicholas “Aqua” McCarrell (select episodes of seasons 2–6 seen in syndication)
Composers W.G. Snuffy Walden (season 1) Nicholas “Aqua” McCarrell (seasons 2–6)
Country of origin United States

Who sang the original Low Rider?

band War
“Low Rider” is a song written by American funk band War and producer Jerry Goldstein, which appeared on their album Why Can’t We Be Friends?, released in 1975.

What game was Low Rider the song on?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Low Rider

Song Low Rider
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Radio Station: Master Sounds 98.3
Year: 1975
Genre: Funk, Latin Rock, Jazz Fusion

Are lowriders still made?

As evidenced by Bedford’s portraits of young people and their cars, lowriders are still in fashion today—it’s even possible that, with the popularity of lowriders in Japan and Brazil, lowriders are, at least on a global level, more popular than ever. Locally, they even continue to serve a public function.

Are turbos illegal?

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