Did Pocock captain the Wallabies?

Former Wallabies captain David Pocock, 34, has often spoken out on issues beyond rugby. Now the environmental activist is running for the Senate. His wife Emma, 34, runs an organisation helping sportspeople to act on climate.

How old is David Pocock?

34 years (April 23, 1988)David Pocock / Age

Why did Nick Cummins retire from rugby?

On 4 July 2014 it was announced that Cummins would be released early from his Western Force and Australian Rugby Union contracts on compassionate grounds. He announced he would be moving to Japan due to health concerns in his family.

Who is honey badger Australia?

The infamous Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and his partner of two years , Alexandra George, are expecting their first child.

Who is David Pococks wife?

Emma PalandriDavid Pocock / Wife (m. 2018)

Has Pocock won?

Mr Pocock, a conservationist and former Wallabies captain, secured a strong vote in the federal election after his high-profile ACT Senate campaign. He is now on the verge of unseating Liberal senator Zed Seselja, while Labor’s finance spokeswoman Katy Gallagher is set to retain her seat.

How tall is Pocock?

6′ 0″David Pocock / Height

How tall is Michael Hooper?

6′ 0″Michael Hooper / Height

Are Nick and Brooke together?

The happy couple dated for around a year before Brooke sadly announced their split in February 2020 via an emotional social media post. “If you haven’t noticed, I have been MIA on social media,” the shattered Bachelor In Paradise star wrote.

What does the nickname Honey Badger mean?

honey badger (plural honey badgers) Mellivora capensis, a badger-like mustelid native to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. quotations ▼ (figuratively, slang) A person who displays indifference or disregard for others’ opinions.

Did the Honey Badger Pass SAS?

The 33-year-old, along with radio personality Merrick Watts and AFLW player Sabrina Frederick made it to the final episode of the breakout show and managed to complete the challenge. Swimmer James Magnussen also completed the course but in a brutal twist he didn’t officially pass.

Who is Alexandra George?

Alexandra, who is an accessories designer for Zimmerman and boasts a passion for the outdoors like Nick, wrote in the caption: ‘This has got to be up there with one of the best pubs, how good is Australia.