Do Bailey caravans have damp problems?

While we were looking at the vans on the forecourt we found that every Bailey had areas of damp rotten floor, but the one we chose was checked by the technician while we watched and we accepted it.

What is Alu Tech?

Alu-Tech is a completely new approach to bodyshell construction. Using a unique interlocking aluminium framework to clamp the body panels together, Bailey created a shell that was so much more robust and durable than anything else.

Are Bailey Caravans good quality?

Bailey was a gold award winner in the best pre-owned caravan manufacturer category at our Owner Satisfaction Awards, with a score of 86.9% highlighting the brand’s popularity with customers.

Do Bailey Caravans leak?

Leaking. A common problem with Bailey caravans is the fact that they quite often have problems related to leaking in the roof strap. Some people purchase a brand-new Bailey, and for a few months, they are perfectly happy with the caravan. Later, however, they will start to experience rain dripping down onto them.

Can you walk on a Bailey motorhome roof?

You cannot and you should not stand on a Bailey caravan roof under any circumstances. Although there are caravans with a roof designed to sustain the weight of a person, the Bailey caravan roof was not made for it. There is a high risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Can you stand on a touring caravan roof?

Yes, it is possible to stand on the roof of a caravan, although we do not recommend it! Caravan roofs leave little room for climbing and can be fragile under your weight. As for RVs and full-size motorhomes, the roofs are larger but require a lot of precautions to climb on them.

Do Bailey caravans leak?

Which caravan has the best build quality?

Coachman takes the top spot, with a superb rating of 89.6%. That easily exceeds the standard for a Gold Award. Second place for New Caravans and first place for Pre-owned caravans makes Coachman the brand to beat if you want a rewarding and reliable tourer of any age.

Can I stand on my motorhome roof?

Never stand or walk on your motorhome’s roof to remove the snow from it. A motorhome’s roof will become slick with snow and ice and you’re likely to fall if you walk on it. Additionally, the extra weight from both you and the snow can cause damage to your roof. In extreme cases, you may even fall through the roof.

Is a caravan roof strong enough to stand on?

How do I get rid of rats in my caravan?

Flush a strong detergent down your sink plug hole, as mice can be attracted to bits of food that go down the waste pipe. At either side of your front locker there are usually gaps leading up the hollow pillars and into the caravan. Block these with some scrunched-up fine wire mesh netting.