Do Lithuanian last names change with gender?

In the Lithuanian culture and language, the males and females within a family have surnames that are similar but end with different suffixes. You need to understand the system at least enough to convert a female surname into the family name.

What does zukauskas mean?

Žukauskas is the masculine form of a Lithuanian family name. It derives from the Slavic word zhuk for “bug”. Polish counterpart: Żukowski, Russian counterpart: Zhukovsky. Its feminine forms are: Žukauskienė (married woman or widow) and Žukauskaitė (unmarried woman).

Is Petras a Lithuanian name?

Petras Griškevičius (1924-1987), Lithuanian-Soviet politician. Petras Kalpokas (1880–1945), Lithuanian painter and educator….Petras (given name)

Gender Male
Name day 29 June
Region of origin Lithuania
Other names

What are some Lithuanian last names?

Lithuanian Last Names

  • Adomaitis.
  • Andris.
  • Backus.
  • Bagdonas.
  • Balchunas.
  • Balkus.
  • Balthis.
  • Banis.

How do last names work in Lithuania?

By tradition, Lithuanians have two names – the surname, inherited from one’s father (more rarely, from mother) and the given name. Surnames appeared in Lithuania with the introduction of Christianity when at baptism people were given a Christian name which was, as a rule, used before the ethnic name.

Is Lithuanian easy to learn?

Lithuanian grammar The Lithuanian language is the oldest Indo-European language still in use, and it has a reputation for being unnecessarily difficult, as it retains many of the original features of it’s linguistic ancestors Latin and Sanskrit.

What does the name Petros mean?

A rock
In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Petros is: A rock. Form of Peter.

What ethnicity is Petras?

The surname Petras (Arabic: بتراس, Marathi: पेतरस, Russian: Петрас) is more commonly found in The United States than any other country or territory. It can occur in the variant forms: Petraš, Petrás, Petraş, Petraș, Petraś, Pétras, Petráš, Pétrás or Petráś. For other potential spellings of this last name click here.

Is Shimkus a Lithuanian name?

Shimkus is a phonetic spelling of the Lithuanian surname Šimkus, derived from the name Simon, and may refer to: Carley Shimkus (born 1986), American television journalist.