Do Midori notebooks lay flat?

Midori MD Notebooks. Whether a notebook will open completely flat depends on the type of binding used, and threaded bindings such as those found in Midori MD Notebooks and the Kokuyo “PERPANEP” series (discussed below) are often your best bet, especially if you can’t live with a spiral or wire binding.

How many inserts can you fit in a traveler’s notebook?

I Usually say, my Regular Size (RS) cover allows for 3-4 inserts, that’s booklets, folders and such and my XL RS, being 20 mm wider, will allow for 6-8 inserts.

Does Hobonichi weeks fit in Midori?

The Weeks is much smaller than the standard-Midori size inserts this TN is designed for.

Are Midori notebooks good for fountain pens?

Midori MD notebooks are very fountain pen friendly and are not very difficult to find. While they don’t show as much sheen as Tomoe River paper, they do show as much as many other high-sheen paper options.

What kind of paper does Midori use?

The notebook is bound in cardstock (though Midori is careful to say that this is not a cover—it’s more like the end pages you would find in a hardbound book. The notebook pages are bound using the traditional thread-stitched method. This allows the book to open completely flat.

How do you add refills to Midori Traveler’s notebook?

Close the two refills, and set them face-down on the inside of the Traveler’s Notebook Cover, spine-to-spine and connected by the rubber band. Gently pull the two notebooks apart, and pull the elastic cord up between the two refills. The connecting rubber band should be just loose enough to allow you to do this easily.

How do you set up a Midori Traveler’s notebook?

To set up a Traveler’s Notebook with two inserts, attach the first to the notebook cover using the elastic cord, the same as if you were going to set your notebook up with a single insert. Take your second refill and place it next to the first, closed spine-to-spine.

Can a Hobonichi weeks fit in a Travelers notebook?

BK Travel for Life Wallet was initially designed to fit inside of Traveler’s Notebook cover as one of the accessory inserts. But we were glad to discover that BK Travel for Life Wallet can also become a cover for Hobonichi Weeks! This video will walk you through how Hobonichi Weeks fits inside of the cover.

What size notebook is a Hobonichi weeks?

Hobonichi Techo Comparison Guide

Hobonichi Planner Hobonichi Techo Weeks
Language English Japanese
Size A6 (4.1″x 5.8″x 0.6″) Wallet-Size (3.75”× 7.4”× 0.4″)
Weight About 210g About 135g
First month of the year January start January start / April start