Do they make lowboy gas water heaters?

FVIR Eco-Defender Safety System® 50 gal Lowboy 40 MBH Residential Natural Gas Water Heater.

How wide is a 30-gallon lowboy water heater?

Brass Drain Valve

Type: Lowboy
Height: 31 1/4″
Diameter: 24″
Width: 24″
Depth: 24″

What is the height of a 30-gallon lowboy water heater?

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Assembled Dimensions
Product Depth 20″
Product Height 30″
Product Weight 90 Lb
Product Width 20″

How long does a lowboy water heater last?

about eight to 12 years
Based on the manufacturer’s suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about eight to 12 years.

How tall is a lowboy hot water heater?

Product Dimensions

Type: Lowboy
Height: 34″
Diameter: 26 1/2″
Width: 26 1/2″
Depth: 26 1/2″

Can you put a gas water heater in a crawl space?

The International Residential Code (IRC) allows water heater installation in a crawl space (an unconditioned space under a home, just a few feet high, and over bare dirt), but there are multiple requirements for the installation: Water heater must be approved by manufacturer for crawl space installation (IRC M1302.

Is 30-gallon water heater big enough?

When all is said and done, here is what the math tells us should work for you: 1-2 people need a 30-gallon water heater. 2-3 people need a 40-gallon water heater. 3-4 people need a 40-50 gallon water heater.

How long does a 30-gallon water heater last?

While today’s water heaters are better designed than older models, they still require regular maintenance in order to prolong their lives. With regular inspection, draining, and flushing, you can expect a gas water heater to last anywhere from 8-12 years and an electric water heater to last anywhere from 10-15 years.

What is the difference between a lowboy and a short water heater?

Lowboys or Short Water Heaters These units are shorter and wider than a normal water heater. They hold the same amount of water as their larger counterparts while still fitting in areas with limited headroom such as crawlspaces and under cabinets. Lowboys vary between 30 to 49 inches and hold up to 50 gallons of water.

Which is better a tall or short water heater?

Short Water Heaters Are Energy Efficient In comparison to tall water heaters, the short ones are almost 40% more energy efficient. Opting for appliances with higher energy efficiency ratings is always a wise choice. Low energy consumption will result in low energy costs and help you save some money.