Do they still have unlimited hydroplane racing?

History. The unlimited hydroplane racing series was founded in 1946 when the unlimited class of boats was allowed to compete following World War II and the subsequent availability of surplus aircraft engines. It had been disbanded in 1922 in favor of the newly introduced “Gold Cup Class.”

Is the movie Madison based on a true story?

Madison is a 2001 American sports drama film directed by William Bindley, about APBA hydroplane racing in the 1970s that is based on a true story. It stars Jim Caviezel as a driver who comes out of retirement to lead the Madison, Indiana, community-owned racing team.

Who won Tri Cities hydroplane races 2021?

2021 HAPO Columbia Cup Michael Kelly (141.909 m.p.h.) U-1 MISS HOMESTREET, Jimmy Shane (141.069 m.p.h.)

What is the top speed of an unlimited hydroplane?

A modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the world’s fastest racing boat, capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Who drove the Miss Madison hydroplane?

POSTSCRIPT: An air conditioning contractor by profession, Jim McCormick was 37 years old when he drove the Miss Madison (U-6) to victory in 1971. He competed in the Unlimited Class between 1966 and 1977 and participated in a total of 70 Unlimited races, finishing in the top three at 19.

Who won the Water Follies?

Corey Peabody of Kent won in the U-9 Pinnacle Peak Consulting boat, driving as part of Strong Racing based in the Tri-Cities. J. Michael Kelly, also of Strong Racing, took second place in the U-8 Miss Tri-Cities boat, despite leading most of the final race.

Who won the Tri City Water Follies?

Past Winners

2017 HAPO Columbia Cup Graham Trucking
2016 HAPO Columbia Cup Miss Homestreet Bank
2015 HAPO Gold Cup Oberto
2014 HAPO Columbia Cup Oberto