Do you get Greenfinch in UK?

Greenfinches are fairly common across the UK and are frequent visitors to our gardens. Their fortunes, however, have been mixed in recent years, with populations suffering periodic declines. Most recently this has been linked to trichomonosis, a parasite-induced disease which prevents the birds from feeding properly.

What disease do greenfinches get?

Trichomonosis is the name given to a disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae. It has been recorded in a number of garden bird species and is widely acknowledged to be the causal factor in the rapid decline of the British Greenfinch population that was first noted in late summer 2006.

Can birds recover from fat finch disease?

T. gallinae varies greatly in its virulence. The severity of the disease depends on the susceptibility of the bird and on the pathogenic potential of the strain of the parasite. Adult birds that recover from the infection may still carry the parasite, but are resistant to reinfection.

How do you spot a greenfinch?

Greenfinches are stocky birds with a plump body. Adult males in breeding plumage are olive-green with yellow on the upperparts and darker upperwings. The flight feathers are grey with bright yellow edges and a conspicuous yellow patch. The tail is grey with a yellow patch at the base.

Where can I find a greenfinch?

A common countryside bird found in woods and hedges, but mostly found close to man on farmland and in parks, town and village gardens and orchards. Only absent from upland areas without trees and bushes.

Are Greenfinches recovering?

The number of greenfinches spotted in gardens rose this year in the first sign that the red-listed bird is recovering from an outbreak of disease that has devastated the population.

Can humans get trichomoniasis from birds?

Trichomoniasis is primarily a disease of pigeons and doves, but raptors are also commonly affected. On rare occasions waterfowl and upland gamebirds have been affected. Domestic turkeys, chickens, and other captive birds can also be infected. This protozoan is not known to infect humans.

What does a sick finch look like?

Sick birds may appear thin or fat and fluffed up and may have swollen eyelids. They are often lethargic and easy to approach. Some infected birds may show no outward symptoms but are carriers of the disease and can spread the infection to other birds.

What causes fat finch disease?

It is caused by a microscopic parasite, Trichomonas gallinae, which infects the tissues in the bird’s mouth, throat and oesophagus, making it hard for the bird to eat and breathe.

Is the greenfinch endangered?

The greenfinch is a familiar garden bird but has moved from the green list of least concern to the red list after its population slumped by 62% since 1993 following an outbreak of the disease trichomonosis.