Does anyone still live in Fordlandia?

Ford’s project failed, and the city was abandoned in 1934. The town was mostly deserted, with only 90 residents still living in the city until the early 2000s when it saw an increase of population, being home to around 3,000 people as of 2017.

What was Fordlandia and why did it fail?

There was a huge clash of culture between mechanized America, Ford’s utopian ideals and the way the indigenous people lived. The first failure of Fordlandia was social. “The first years of the settlement were plagued by waste and violence and vice,” Grandin says.

Does Ford still own Fordlandia?

The plantations were put under the control of the Brazilian Northern Agronomical Institute, and the legacy of Ford in the jungle was brought to an end. As of 1987, Belterra was used by a company called LATEX PASTORE to produce rubber, but not at commercially viable levels. Fordlandia remains abandoned.

What was the purpose of Fordlandia?

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, turned to the Brazilian rainforest in the 1920s to construct a rubber plantation that would serve as his personal supply of the material. The town, dubbed Fordlandia, was more than an industrial operation — it was Ford’s attempt to establish a picturesque American society.

Can I visit Fordlandia?

Fordlandia can be accessed by fast boat which takes about 6 hours and by regular boats (12 hours). But the very best to visit in my opinion is by private boat since it creates possibilites to visit incredible sites and communites en route.

Why did Ford fail in Brazil?

Ford failed to develop a viable production business in Brazil despite a practice of pursuing tax subsidies, which totaled more than that of its rivals over the past decade.

How much money in today’s dollars did Ford invest in Fordlandia?

Ford initially invested two million dollars to set up the Fordlandia plantation. By the time custody of Fordlandia and Belterra was transferred to the Brazilian government, the total investment had been 20 million dollars.

Can you visit Fordlandia?

How do I get to fordlandia?

Get in

  1. By boat. Boats leave Santarém from the Praça Tiradentes port from Monday to Saturday at 16:00 and on Sunday at 14:00. The trip takes 12 hours and costs R$45.
  2. By bus. Buses leave to and from Itaituba.
  3. By car. There is just one road into Fordlândia. 4X4 is recommended in rainy season.

Can you visit fordlandia?

Where does Ford get their rubber?

In 1926, Ford sent an expert from the University of Michigan to survey likely sites for a rubber plantation. Eventually, Ford settled on a location on the banks of the Tapajós River in Brazil’s Pará state.