Does FSU have an All-Girl Cheer team?

The FSU cheer program consists of a Co-Ed & All-Girl Cheerleading Squad. The cheer teams are a part of the Athletics Department Spirit Groups, which also consist of the Golden Girls dance team, Batgirls and Cimarron mascots. Our spirit program members serve as ambassadors for Florida State University at all times.

Does FSU give cheerleading scholarships?

The FSU cheerleaders are not on scholarship, but do NOT have any out of pocket costs. The university provides all uniforms, shoes, travel bags, nike warm-ups, nike polo’s, nike practice shirts, poms, megs, per diem when traveling, hotel accommodations and all other travel expenses.

Does FSU cheer compete?

We attend the Universal Cheerleaders Association’s National Competition in January that can be seen on ESPN. All-Girl and a select few of coed females will participate on our STUNT team that will compete in the spring.

How do you become a Florida State cheerleader?


  1. Must be in the acceptance process at Florida State University at time of auditions.
  2. You must be able to attend all rehearsals and other related activities.
  3. Must have active insurance and active physical at time of auditions.

How do you become a UCF cheerleader?

On the first day of the tryout, you must bring the following:

  1. Copy of acceptance letter or UCF Student ID.
  2. Copy of front and back of medical insurance card.
  3. Lab results of a “Sickle Cell Test”.
  4. Completed and signed Tryout Registration Form including signed Medical Waiver papers.

Does UCF have an All Girl Cheer team?

All of the males are bases and ALL of the females are flyers. Although we will spend time teaching the cheer and fight-song, a large portion of the tryouts will be spent working on partner stunts.

What tumbling do you need for college cheer?

Highly competitive teams might require full up stunts, rewinds and handspring up stunts. Some schools also look for dancers who can perform a tumbling pass in addition to common skills. Common skills needed at top colleges include quadruple pirouette, aerial (preferably both sides), advanced turns, and advanced jumps.

Is Texas Tech cheer good?

Nationals. The Texas Tech Co-Ed Cheerleaders competed at the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship. Built on a program of excellence and tradition, Tech CoEd Cheer are the 2017, 2019 NCA Grand National Champions.

What do college cheer coaches look for?

Some teams may ask to see a toe touch, tuck, pike, right or left hurdler, and herkie. Being able to stunt with multiple partners is a must and most college cheerleaders should be able to perform a two-part stunt combination. Coaches also look at tosses, common game day stunts their school performs and pyramids.

Does Baylor have a cheer team?

The Baylor cheer teams are comprised of the All-Girl & Coed Yell Leaders. Both are game day-based teams proudly donning the Green & Gold on the sidelines and in the community.