Does it rain a lot in Invercargill?

Invercargill experiences some seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. Rain falls throughout the year in Invercargill. The month with the most rain in Invercargill is January, with an average rainfall of 4.0 inches. The month with the least rain in Invercargill is August, with an average rainfall of 2.4 inches.

How cold is NZ in April?

April is mid-autumn in New Zealand, and in general, daytime temperatures are moderately warm, nighttime temperatures cool, and rainfall higher than in the summer. In the northern North Island (Northland, Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula), April high temperatures can still reach 68° F (20° C), sometimes warmer.

How cold does it get in Invercargill?

General climate You aren’t likely to see temperatures fall below 0 °C or to get above 25 °C except for a few extreme days. The highest recorded temperature of all time was 33.8 °C and the lowest was -9.0 °C. While the city does have seasonal changes, most of the time it tends to be cool and cloudy.

Is Invercargill a windy city?

With an average of 98 windy days per year, Invercargill is New Zealand’s second windiest city, after Wellington.

Does Invercargill get snow?

A MetService meteorologist told Newshub snow in Invercargill is “definitely not a regular occurrence”. Records from between 1948 and 1980 show an average of five snow days per year for the city, and MetService says nowadays snow is probably even less frequent.

Is April a good time to visit NZ?

April is the time to relish crisp, sunny days, bright-blue skies and chilly nights. This is the best time to visit places such as Hawke’s Bay, Central Otago (especially Arrowtown), Lake Tekapo and the wider Mackenzie Country area, where you can enjoy New Zealand’s breathtaking autumnal colours.

What is Invercargill known for?

New Zealand’s southernmost city was founded in the 1850’s and with a population in excess of approximately 60,000, Invercargill is the capital of Southland. From a visitor’s point of view, Invercargill is well-equipped with an excellent range of shops and a selection of lively bars and restaurants.