Does Peter Barlow get a transplant?

Peter Barlow received some shocking news on Coronation Street as he prepared to present his surgeon with a gift for saving his life. The recovering alcoholic went to the hospital to give Mr Thorne a bottle of whisky for performing his liver transplant last year.

Is Peter Barlow being written out of Corrie?

They added: “His departure will be a big blow as Peter Barlow is a major character and one of the show’s few alpha males.” His character Peter Barlow has been in and out of the soap. Chris’ departure will happen next year however show bosses will be leaving the door open for his return.

What has happened to Peter in Coronation Street?

him and Carla reconcile a few mouths later though soon finds out he has liver failure. He soon gets put on the transplant list and remarries Carla in April 2021. A few months later a liver is found but when it is revealed it’s not a match and Peter gets punched and taken of the list.

What happens to Peter Barlow?

Peter underwent a lifesaving liver transplant last year after his alcoholism relapse, but it appears the surgeon wasn’t exactly putting his health first. Initially hoping to put an end to his behaviour, Peter sees red when Thorne doesn’t take it seriously and he loses his temper in a physical altercation.

Why was Peter taken off transplant list?

When one of Harvey’s thugs tried to catch Simon, Peter started to fight the thug so that Simon could get away safely. The hospital was then worried that Peter wasn’t taking his health seriously enough and decided to remove him from the list completely.

What happens to Peter Barlow on Coronation Street?

Is Peter Barlow an alcoholic in real life?

“It went on for a good 10 years, but after a while I realised I was drinking for reasons that were no longer social. “It was no longer purely about having a good time. “I was never an alcoholic, but a lot of us have problems with alcohol – anything that affects your life or your judgement is a problem.”