Does Prezzo own Makini School?

Prezzo’s family owns the Makini Herbal Clinic,Makini Schools,among other businesses that brings them tonnes of money.

Who is Prezzos mother?

mum Dina Bhoke Makini
Prezzo with his mum Dina Bhoke Makini The self-confessed mama’s boy recently shared a video of him hanging out with his mother Dina Bhoke Makini.

Who owns Makini School in Kenya?

The Makini School in Nairobi, Kenya is one of Kenya’s most successful private schools. Mrs. Mary Okelo founded the school in 1978 with eight students in her own home.

Who is Prezzo father?

father Dr Morris Makini
“My father set the foundation of who we are today as a family, so we honour him for that,” said Prezzo. His father Dr Morris Makini, who died in 1990, set up a number of businesses, including the Makini Herbal Clinic, which was inherited by family members.

Who is the father of Prezzo?

Who owns Makini Herbal Clinic?

Dr Wills Wanjala – Owner
Dr Wills Wanjala – Owner – Makini Herbs Clinic | LinkedIn.

When was makini school started?

February 1978
Makini Schools was founded in February 1978. It was then called the Riara Gardens Academy and began as a nursery school with just 8 children. This was in a colonial bungalow where once lived the founders, the late Dr. Pius Okelo and Dr.

Who is Jackson Makini?

Jackson Ngechu Makini alias CMB Prezzo is a Kenyan rapper, musician and entrepreneur. He is known for his flashy lifestyle. When was Prezzo Born? Reports indicate that Prezzo was born 1980 at Pumwani Hospital and raised in Eastleigh; Muyuyu section one until he turned ten when they relocated to Lang’ata.

When was DJ MO born?

DJ Mo Age. Mo is 33 years old as of 2020, he was born Samuel Muraya on January 31st, 1987 in Murang’a, Kenya. He celebrates his birthday on January 31st.

Who bought Makini Schools?

the ADvTECH Group
On its 40th anniversary in 2018, the school changed ownership from the Okelo’s and is now under the ADvTECH Group. Our aim is to become a world class Kenyan curriculum school in the region.