Does SM Supermarket have online shopping?

Yes, SM Markets Online found at is the official online store of SM Markets, which includes SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and SM Savemore. The online store allows customers to order online from their favorite participating branch of SM Markets store.

What is the difference between SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket?

Meanwhile, SM Hypermarket, a hybrid of a department store and supermarket, has a larger selling area and offers a broader array of non-food products (e.g., clothes, household items, appliances, furniture, etc.) than SM Supermarket. Its locations are either inside SM malls or in stand-alone stores.

Who is the owner of Savemore?

Retail brands SM Retail has ownership over SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore chains which would later be called collectively as SM Markets.

Does SM Supermarket accept GCash?

GCash, the country’s most widely used financial app, is now available as a payment option at SM Markets, the country’s leading food retailer and mother brand of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market.

Who owns SM now?

SM PrimeSM Supermalls / Parent organization

What is SM bonus?

In the retail trade community, this is known to be SM Bonus. First of all, at an SM supermarket, there are about 40,000 to 60,000 products, or SKUs [shelf keeping units] on its shelves depending on the supermarket’s size. We were told that some 1,000 or more of these items carry their store brand name, SM Bonus.

How much is SM Savemore franchise?

(SMIC) investor relations head Cora Guidote said the average investment for a Savemore branch ranges between P50 to P80 million depending on the store’s size. On the average, Guidote said size of the SM group’s neighborhood grocery is about 1,300 square meters.

Can you pay in savemore using GCash?

GCash said it is now available as a payment option at SM Markets, the country’s leading food retailer and mother brand of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market.

How many stores does SM Markets have?

With almost 3 decades of service and over 200 stores nationwide, SM Markets continues to be one of the largest food retail chains in the country. STORE LOCATOR | SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | CONTACT US SHOPFRESHGROCERIESHEALTH AND BEAUTYHOUSEHOLDWHAT’S NEWSM BONUS NAVIGATION HOME SHOP FRESH GROCERIES HEALTH AND BEAUTY HOUSEHOLD

How much is the delivery fee for the SM Store?

As of 2020, The SM Store requires a flat rate delivery fee of P100. You can pay during pick-up, cash on delivery or online using your VISA/Mastercard/JCB/Amex credit card. You can also have your items delivered via a third-party service.

What are the uses of SM Markets?

SM Markets collects, uses and/or processes personal information for purposes of evaluating job applications, offering and promoting better products and services, providing business opportunities, documenting and managing transactions or business operations of SM Markets, and accomplishing other legitimate business purposes (Purposes).

Can I order essential items at the SM Store?

You can order all essential items at the SM Store. If there are items that you wish to buy, but are not in the catalog, you may want to visit the nearest SM Store near you to check availability. Is there a minimum purchase requirement?