Does Tau Gamma Phi have hazing?

The Tau Gamma Phi called on all chapters through their provincial and city councils to the fraternity motto Primum Nil Nocere or “First, Do No Harm”, and commit to avoid violence related to hazing.

What is the anniversary of Tau Gamma Phi?


What is the difference between Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma?

Tau Gamma Sigma ( ΤΓΣ ) — Also known as the Triskelions’ Grand Sorority, is the affiliated Sorority of the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity. Triskelion Alumni Organization ( T.A.O. ) — The umbrella organization of all Triskelion alumni worldwide.

Who is the First Lady Triskelion?

Maria Clara Fabra-Occeña
Well, in a different context, we have our own Maria Clara Fabra-Occeña, the first and only Lady Triskelion to head the Concerned Alumni Triskelions of Adamson University Chapter (CATCH), arguably one of the exemplary accomplishments of a Sigma from the chapter.

What is the purpose of Tau Gamma?

The Tau Gamma Phi aims for the promotion and achievement of the ideals of fraternal brotherhood. The fraternity believes that it must forge its members to embody qualities of leadership, commitment, persistence, trust, integrity, respect, and vision.

How many founding mothers of Tau Gamma Sigma are there?

The Tau Gamma Sigma – Triskelion Grand Sorority was originally founded on the 17th day of January in the year 1969 at the University of the Philippines , by a group of 10 Triskelion Lady Founders.

What is the meaning of MT in Triskelion?

The Grand Triskelion is the Executive Officer of the Chapter. Executive power shall be lodged in and exercise by him with the assistance of the Deputy Grand Triskelion (D.G.T.) and Master Triskelion (M.T.) He shall preside over the Chapter Grand Council and all chapter meetings.

Is Gamma Phi Gamma a real fraternity?

Gamma Phi Gamma (ΓΦΓ) was a local fraternity, founded in 1907 at Wilmington College in Ohio. In later years it claimed to be America’s oldest surviving local fraternity. Gamma Phi Gamma was permanently banned from the Wilmington College campus in 2014 after a pledge lost a testicle in a hazing incident.