Does the Nikon D610 have focus peaking?

As far as manual focus is concerned, the Nikon D610 has no focus peaking feature but you can at least magnify into the live view feed for accurate focussing.

What is a split image focusing screen?

In a reflex camera’s focusing screen, a Split-Image, sometimes called a split image rangefinder or Split-Prism, is an optical focus-assistance device that displays an image divided in two.

Does D610 have autofocus motor?

The DSLR camera bodies that do feature a focus motor built-in are: D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D7000 series, D500, D610, D600, D750, D810, D1-series, D2-series, D3-series,D4-series, D5 models1.

Does focus screen effect image quality?

It should not have any effect on the images. It’s not in the optical path from lens to sensor.

How do I change the focus mode on my Nikon d610?

Pressing the button in the middle of the lever allows to choose between different focus modes. To activate this change, you need to press and hold the button, then rotate the rear dial with your thumb. As you do this, look at the top LCD and the camera will switch between AF-A, AF-S and AF-C.

Is Nikon D610 good for wedding photography?

For price and performance, the Nikon D610 is a winner. It is in a statistical dead heat with the D800 for DxOMark sensor scores, with a 94 overall score, 25.1 bit color depth, and 14.4 dynamic range. The camera’s low-light high-ISO score of 2925 is almost identical to that of the D4s.

What is the difference between the D600 and D600 E-SCREEN?

Although they are at different angles, the native D600 screen has a smooth, polished edge, apparently straight out of the mold they use. The E-screen appears to have been ground down at the sides.

Does the D600 screen have a microprism array?

If you look at my macro shot of the screens you can see the microprism array going clear across the entire surface of the D600 screen. This is how every modern screen is on digital cameras, I forget why.

How do I autofocus on the Nikon D600/D610?

The D600 / D610 have a lot of menu options, but there are some things that you can only control with the external controls. On the front left of the camera, you will find a lever that goes from AF to M, with a button in the middle (big red circle in the image below). Make sure to keep that lever on “AF”, or your lens will not autofocus.

Is there a canon version of the screens for the D600?

you can also get the canon versions of the screens for your D600. Post edited by heartyfisher on June 2015 Moments of Light – D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!