Does WW Digital include virtual meetings?

Virtual Workshops + Digital Meet weekly with an in-person Coach and local members, plus get all the benefits of our Digital tools. You show up with your goals—we’ll show you how to get there.

Can you try Weight Watchers online for free?

Enjoy the benefits of Digital with a 30 day free trial. After your free trial, you’ll automatically be signed up at the standard monthly rate unless you cancel. Get started! †People following the WW plan can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Can I try Weight Watchers for free UK?

Start your 14 days FREE trial today! Our app & website have easy-to-use tools to help you reach your goals. 14-Day Free Trial Offer Terms: After your first 14 free days, you will be automatically signed up at the standard monthly rate (£13.95), unless you cancel before the free trial period ends.

How do I find a virtual meeting for WW?

Follow these steps to find a Virtual Studio: Open your WW app. Tap the Connect icon (the people icon) at the bottom of your screen. Tap “Browse groups” (if you do not see the green “Browse groups” button at the top of your feed, select “See all” to find the “Browse groups” icon after your list of groups).

How do you do virtual workshops on Weight Watchers?

How to get started:

  1. Join Unlimited Workshops + Digital. Sign up here to see our new virtual and in-person Workshop schedule.
  2. Download the WW app. Log in and complete your profile so you’re ready to jump in! Don’t forget to also download Zoom.
  3. Find a Workshop. Search by Coach name, day or time at the top of this page.

Can you use WW app without membership?

Can I do Weight Watchers for free? YES YOU CAN! Weight Watchers is a great program because it’s not really a diet – you don’t limit any specific food intake, you just watch your portions and count points. Doing Weight Watchers for FREE is even better.

Where are virtual workshops in WW app?

Follow these steps to find a Virtual Studio: Open your WW app….Joining a live Virtual Workshop via smartphone or tablet:

  1. The live Virtual Workshop Zoom link will be in a pinned post in the Virtual Studio Connect group.
  2. From there, tap the link and you’ll be directed to your Zoom app.
  3. Type your name and tap “Continue.”