Has Jeanne Robertson died?

August 21, 2021Jeanne Robertson / Date of death

Who calls her husband left brain?

Much of her material centered on her husband, Jerry Robertson, whom she affectionately called Left Brain in homage to his logical and process-driven way of thinking.

Has Jeanne Robertson been married before?

Jerry RobertsonJeanne Robertson / Spouse

How old is Jeanne Robertson?

77 years (1943–2021)Jeanne Robertson / Age at death

Is Jeanne Robertson ill?

Jeanne Swanner Robertson passed away peacefully in her home in Burlington, North Carolina after a short illness. Jeanne is preceded in death by her parents Jim and Cora Swanner, sister Andrea, and her beloved Jerry, affectionately known by millions of people around the world as “Left Brain”.

What was Jeanne Robertson’s talent in the Miss America pageant?

the ukulele
“They said, ‘You can’t do that at the Miss America pageant,’” said Robertson, who played the ukulele for talent in Atlantic City. A total of 84 contestants competed in the 1963 state pageant and members of the news media had their chance to interview each contestant.

Is Jeanne Robertson’s husband left brain still alive?

Jerry Robertson (born in 1938 – died June 07, 2021) was an American basketball player, educator, principal, and businessman. He was a famous personality who is best known for being the husband of Jeanne Robertson (American motivational speaker and YouTuber).

Did Jeanne Robertson have Covid?

Robertson had reportedly been struggling “with a severe illness” in the days leading up to her death. Although a cause of death was not given, her team previously confirmed the illness she suffered from was “not Covid related.”

What did Jeanne Robertson died of?

Burlington, NCJeanne Robertson / Place of death

Who is Jeanne Robertson’s husband?

Jerry RobertsonJeanne Robertson / Husband

Is Jerry Robertson ill?

About Jeanne Robertson’s Husband, Jerry Robertson Wiki

Full Real Name Jerry Ray Robertson.
In the news for His wife Jeanne Robertson died on August 12, 2021, at the age of 77.
Date of Birth 1938.
Date of Death June 07, 2021.
Cause of Passing Longtime illness.

How is Jeanne Robertson’s husband left brain?

His real full birth name was Jerry Ray Robertson. On June 07, 2021, he passed away due to a natural cause at the age of 83. He was suffering from a longtime illness. He completed his primary and secondary studies at a public school in his hometown.