How accurate is SnoreLab?

The SnoreLab app provides acceptable accuracy values measuring snoring >50% per night: 94.7% accuracy, 100% sensitivity, 94.1% specificity, 66.6% positive prediction value and 100% negative prediction value.

How much does SnoreLab app cost?

It’s $4.99 if you want some of the good stuff! But why, like some entirely free apps, don’t we just show more ads? We don’t because SnoreLab is an app designed for sleep. Plenty of design work has gone into making SnoreLab suitable for nighttime use – adverts completely ruin this experience.

What is a good score on SnoreLab?

A score above 50 puts you in the “bad snoring” category, and if you’re above 100 you definitely need to find some solutions! Everyone is unique, so whilst it’s not best practice to compare yourself to others, we believe a Snore Score of 10 or under is a good target as this is unlikely to disturb you or your partner.

What is the best snore app?

Snore Lab (iOS and Android) is highly-rated among snore apps. There is a free version which allows you to record, measure, analyze, and track your snoring, allowing you to discover ways to treat and control it. It’s easy to use; just set it next to your bed while you sleep and see your results in the morning.

Can SnoreLab detect sleep apnea?

Can SnoreLab detect sleep apnea? SnoreLab is unable to diagnose sleep apnea, which is defined primarily in terms of falling oxygen levels in your body. The app may, however, be useful in recording evidence of apnea, such as periods where there is no audible breathing followed by a sudden gasp or choking sound.

Is SnoreLab a good app?

“SnoreLab is the best sleep recorder I have tried. My snoring is down 40 plus percent in just two weeks.” The SnoreLab app is not a medical device and does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Extended features such as Full Night Recording, Trends, and Cloud Backup require a SnoreLab Premium subscription.

Is 48 db loud for snoring?

In this study, people with the quietest snoring, about 46 dB, less than the ambient noise of a quiet office, didn’t have sleep apnea. On the other hand, those with the loudest snoring, around 60 dB, about the sound of loud talking or laughter as well as the normal for most alarm clocks, had severe sleep apnea.

Can iPhone detect snoring?

Sleep Cycle’s alarm clock app is already one way to do sleep tracking from your iPhone and log the data into Apple’s Health app. Now the latest update adds a new feature to Sleep Cycle that may offer insight into sleep quality: snore detection.

What does a person with sleep apnea sound like?

“Sleep apnea is characterized by loud snoring followed by a period of silence where breathing stops or nearly stops. Noisy snoring is usually a warning sign that your upper airway might be obstructed,” Schiff says.

How many dB is average snoring?

Decibel Level of Snoring Snoring levels vary between and within a single individual. The mean peak levels of snoring recorded are between 50 and 65 decibels. Snoring could reach high noise-level in the range of 80-90 decibel that matches the decibel levels of a vacuum cleaner.

What is the loudest snore?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the loudest snore recorded measured approximately 111.6 decibels. That is equivalent to a jet flying right over your home.